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Updated: 14 Jan 2003

Prospective MARITECH Projects

Near-Term Ship Design and Construction Technology (BAA #95-02)

Consortuim Members	                                                            Total
                                 City             State                    Proposed Cost*

"City Slicker"
                                                                             $1,100,000 *
    Peterson Builders, Inc       Sturgeon Bay       WI
    Spirit Cruises, Inc          Norfolk            VA
    FBM Marine Group                                United  Kingdom
"Reefer 21"
                                                                            $1,300,000 *
    Bender Shipbuilding and RepaiMobile             AL
    Colton & Company             Arlington          VA
    Columbia Group, Inc          Seattle            WA
    Nordvest Consult AS                             Norway
Fast Ferry Market Penetration
                                                                               $610,000 *
    Nichols Brothers Boat BuilderFreeland           WA
    Gladding Hearns Shipbuilders Sommerset          MA
    Incat Designs Sydney                            Australia
Midfoil SWAS Ship Design
                                                                             $1,530,000 *
    Pacific Marine               Honolulu           HI
    Nichols Brothers Boat Builders 
                                 Freeland           WA
    Westport Shipyards           Westport           WA
    Art Anderson Associates      Seattle            WA
Handy Size Bulk Vessels
                                                                             $6,270,000 *
    Alabama Shipyard, Inc        Mobile             AL
    Mitsubishi Heavy Industries                     Japan
    Tritea Maritime, Ltd                            Greece
LNG Carrier
                                                                             $7,850,000 *
    Newport News Shipbuilding    Newport News       VA
    Exxon Company                Houston            TX
    IHI                                             Japan
    Shell International Shipping                    United Kingdom
Large Fast Ferry Technical Development
                                                                             $5,040,000 *
    Halter Marine, Inc.          Gulfport           MS
    Bank of Tokyo Financial Corp.Boston             MA
    V. Ships (USA) Inc           New York           NY
    Band Lavis & Associates      Severna Park       MD
    Derrick Offshore                                United Kingdom
    Fry Design & Research                           Australia
Shallow Draft - Self Loading/Unloading Cargo Ship Design
                                                                             $8,000,000 *
    Vibtech, Inc                 North Kingstown    RI
    SENESCO                      North Kingstown    RI
    Rhode Island Technology TransNorth Kingstown    RI
    AFL/CIO Metal Trades DepartmeWashington         DC
    Kvaerner Masa Marine, Inc    Annapolis          MD
    NSWC-Carderock               Bethesda           MD
High Speed Monohull Contract Design Project
                                                                             $3,010,000 *
    Bath Iron Works              Bath               ME
    General Electric             Schenectady        NY
    American Automar             Washington         DC
    Kvaerner Masa Marine         Annapolis          MD
* Costs shown are the total government and industry amounts proposed. In some cases only portions of the projects have been selected for federal funding. In all cases, the federal share is subject to negotiation.
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