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Military Commissions
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Presiding Officer Orders 

PO 101 Admissibility of Evidence (Sept. 22, 2005)
PO 102 Does MCO #1 Conflict with the President's Military Order (Sept. 22, 2005)
PO 103 Military Commission as Competent Tribunal (Sept. 22, 2005)
PO 104 Intent to Request a Closed Session (Sept. 22, 2005)
PO 105 Standard for Challenges for Cause Against a Member (Sept. 23, 2005)
PO 106 Docketing of First Session, U.S. vs Hicks (Sept. 23, 2005)
PO 107 Discovery Order (Sept. 21, 2005)
PO 108 Resumption of Proceedings in United States vs. Hicks (Sept. 21, 2005)
PO 109 Modified Motions and Filings Schedule and Other Due Dates by the Presiding Officer (Sept. 23, 2005)
PO 110 Presiding Officer Questionnaire & Voir Dire (Oct 11, 2005)
PO 111 Defense Request for Investigative Assistance (Oct 12, 2005)


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Updated: 13 October 2005
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