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U.S. May Play Military Role in Bosnia After June      

WASHINGTON - The U.S. military may play a role in Bosnia after the June dissolution of the stabilization force, said National Security Adviser Sandy Berger.


U.S., Japan Announce Defense Guidelines      

WASHINGTON - The United States and Japan have agreed to revamp guidelines steering their alliance, U.S. officials announced in New York Sept. 23.


Farewell From the Chairman      

WASHINGTON - Upon the completion of my tenure as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff I want to convey deepest thanks to each soldier, sailor, airman, Marine, Coastguardsman and civilian who serves this great nation and support the mission throughout the globe


EPA Honors "Best of the Best"      

WASHINGTON - The Defense Department is routinely honored for providing military security throughout the world. But it's not every day the honors are for its environmental security efforts.


Cohen Reiterates U.S. Resolve on POW/MIA Issues  This story contains photos.    

WASHINGTON - Accounting for American service members lost during war remains a DoD priority, said Defense Secretary William S. Cohen during a POW/MIA Recognition Day commemoration at the Pentagon Sept. 17.


Commissary Agency Goes Online      

FORT LEE, Va. - The Defense Commissary Agency is on the World Wide Web at http://www.dtic.mil/deca.


Cohen Orders Aviation Stand Down, Services Expand It      

WASHINGTON - Defense Secretary William S. Cohen ordered the military services to stop training flights for 24 hours so those who work on and fly military aircraft can focus on making flying safer.


U.S. Will Not Sign Land Mine Ban      

WASHINGTON - Saying his responsibility for the security and safety of American service members is paramount, President Clinton announced Sept. 17 the United States will not sign the Oslo treaty banning anti-personnel land mines.


DoD Receives Gore's Hammer Award for Revamping TDY Travel  This story contains photos.    

WASHINGTON - The military and civilian team re-engineering DoD's temporary duty travel system received Vice President Al Gore's Hammer Award Sept. 9 for reinvention excellence.


President's National POW/MIA Recognition Day Proclamation      

WASHINGTON - Throughout our Nation's history, the men and women of America's Armed Forces have preserved our freedom, protected our security, and upheld our democratic values. From the battles of the American Revolution through the crucible of two world wars to the challenging peacekeeping and humanitarian missions of today's post-Cold War era, our men and women in uniform have stood proudly in defense of the United States and in the cause of liberty. In the two centuries since our Nation's birth, more than a million have paid the price of that liberty with their lives.


Senate Confirms Shelton as Next Chairman      

WASHINGTON - The Senate unanimously confirmed Army Gen. Henry H. Shelton Sept. 16 as the next chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.


Defense Info Agency Supports Korean Exercise      

ARLINGTON, Va. - Troops training in 1997's Exercise Ulchi Focus Lens in Korea had access to a new tool that improved their warfighting abilities.


DoD, Military Participate in BIG Convention  This story contains photos.    

WASHINGTON - "While we haven't achieved our goal of full equality of opportunity, ... we're closer than any other organization in this country," William E. Leftwich III recently told attendees here at the Blacks in Government 19th annual national training and education convention.


Terrorism Expert Sounds Battle Cry      

SAN ANTONIO, Texas - Terrorists in the years ahead will become less politically motivated and more attuned to religious, fanatical zealotry. Less concerned than ever about international repercussions, they will seek ways to reap mass casualties on an unprepared public. The United States will most often be their target.


Army Announces Plan to Combat Harassment      

WASHINGTON - Defense Secretary William S. Cohen called the Army's response to sexual harassment "comprehensive and direct" in a statement issued Sept. 11 coincident with the release of two major Army studies.


Cohen Presents Case for NATO Expansion      

WASHINGTON - America cannot be at peace if Europe is at war, and to prevent war in Europe, America must stay engaged on the Continent, Defense Secretary William S. Cohen recently told the American Legion.


Pharmacy Users Get Mail Order Option      

WASHINGTON - An alternative to standing in line to fill prescriptions will be more convenient for patients -- and will reduce DoD pharmaceutical costs.


Commissary Shoppers Assist In Paul Newman's Charity Efforts      

FORT LEE, Va. - Paul Newman once quipped, "from salad dressing all blessings flow."


Mustard Gas Exposure Likely, Report Finds      

WASHINGTON - Army Pfc. David Fisher "likely" suffered from mustard gas exposure after examining an Iraqi bunker March 1, 1991. But the chemical agent could have been left over from earlier bunker use.


NATO Will Protect Bosnia Force At All Costs      

WASHINGTON - NATO will use all means necessary, including lethal force, to protect its troops and to continue its mission in Bosnia, U.S. Army Gen. Wesley Clark said here Sept. 3.


Airman, Sailor Share Slogan Contest Honors      

WASHINGTON - A sailor and an airman shared honors for the slogan "Feel the Power ... Vote" in the annual contest.


Bernard D. Rostker      

WASHINGTON - Current duties: assistant secretary of the Navy for manpower and reserve affairs; DoD special assistant for Gulf War illnesses.


Veteran Researcher Looks for Clues to Gulf War Illnesses  This story contains photos.    

WASHINGTON - Barely a day goes by that some new revelation surfaces about possible exposure of Gulf War veterans to chemical contamination. The unenviable task of checking out each allegation falls on the shoulders of a veteran researcher with a bulldog mien and a blood hound nose for sniffing out facts.


U.S. Troops in Bosnia Get Nonlethal Weapons      

WASHINGTON - Some U.S. troops in Bosnia now carry sponge grenades and dye-marking kits -- nonlethal weapons designed to control crowds.


Federal Civilian Pay Rises 2.3 Percent in January      

WASHINGTON - President Clinton authorized a 2.3 percent federal pay raise nationwide and an average locality increase of .5 percent.


Pilot Information Security Assurance Site Is On Line      

ARLINGTON, Va. - The Defense Information Systems Agency's DoD Information Security Assurance Support Environment pilot system is on line at http://mattche.iiie.disa.mil. The site is restricted to users with .mil and .gov e-mail extensions.


Air Force Takes Interservice Golf Crown      

VANDENBERG AIR FORCE BASE, Calif. - Air Force played better in the wind here Aug. 22 to beat runner-up Army by 38 strokes at the 1997 Armed Forces Golf Tournament.


DoD Must Anticipate, Prepare for Future Terrorism      

SAN ANTONIO, Texas - As long as terrorism remains a threat, DoD must focus less on its accomplishments and more on what needs to be done to protect U.S. assets at home and worldwide.


Parachutes Ready: Next Stop Kazakstan      

WASHINGTON - Three days shy of retiring, U.S. Marine Corps Gen. John Sheehan will once again lead by example.

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