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New Web Site Captures Personal History of Veterans (corrected copy)      

WASHINGTON - Theirs are stories of days and nights fighting and slogging through muddy fields in Europe, of bloody assaults and mind-and-body-numbing cold on the Korean Peninsula, of tense and lonely watches at sea between fierce battles in the South Pacific.


DoD Ever More Confident Y2K Bug Won't Bite Overseas      

WASHINGTON - The U.S. Senate's special committee investigating the Year 2000 problem recently released its 100-day report proclaiming the millennium bug will cause little more than isolated, minor inconveniences in the United States when Dec. 31 turns into Jan. 1, 2000.


Two Studies Look at Gulf War Illness Causes, Treatments      

WASHINGTON - The Defense and Veterans Affairs departments are conducting two new studies on the possible treatment of illnesses reported by thousands of Gulf War veterans.


Congress OKs Resolution to Fund Ops Through Oct. 21      

WASHINGTON - Congress has passed a continuing resolution that would fund the federal government at fiscal 1999 rates through Oct. 21 while legislators continue work on fiscal 2000 appropriations bills.


U.S. Support Increases to East Timor "Operation Warden"  This story contains photos.    

DARWIN, Australia - The United States will expand its support to the international forces assembled to restore order in East Timor.


All Win With Pay Raise, Pay Table Reforms      

WASHINGTON - Everyone wins in the military compensation portion of the fiscal 2000 Defense Authorization Bill, said Navy Capt. Elliott Bloxom, DoD director of compensation.


Cohen Takes East Timor Concerns to Australia, Indonesia      

HICKAM AIR FORCE BASE, Hawaii - Defense Secretary William S. Cohen's first order of business as he heads for Australia is to learn firsthand what progress is being made in the beleaguered Indonesian province of East Timor.


Military Retirement Changes Explained      

WASHINGTON - Military retirement reform often headed the list of concerns when Defense Secretary William S. Cohen spoke to service members. Retirement was also a top priority for the Joint Chiefs of Staff when they testified before Congress last fall.


Troop Visit Highlights Cohen's Southeast Asia Visit      

WASHINGTON - Defense Secretary William S. Cohen will meet with U.S. troops in Darwin, Australia, Sept. 29 during a nine-day visit to Australia and Southeast Asia.


U.S. Army Officer Helps Russia Scrap Subs  This story contains photos.    

SEVEROVDINSK, Russia - Army Maj. Ron Alberto has to be one of the military's most frequent fliers. The 16-year veteran ordnance officer travels the international airways with one thought in mind -- destroying Soviet-era nuclear submarines.


Hispanic Officer Flies Into Space  This story contains photos.    

WASHINGTON - Nine-year-old Carlos Noriega watched transfixed as the first man walked on the moon in 1969 and thought that was "the greatest thing" someone could do. He dreamed of being there himself someday.


Quality of Life to Improve for Troops in Kosovo  This story contains photos.    

WASHINGTON - Bosnia set the standard and now military officials are turning their attention to improving quality of life for American service members in Kosovo.


New Addition to DefenseLINK Highlights Web Specials      

WASHINGTON - Special, in-depth feature and news articles produced by the American Forces Information Service have a new home on DefenseLINK.


U.S. Support of Haiti Continues, Despite Change      

WASHINGTON - The last active duty U.S. support troops are leaving Haiti, but this does not mean the end of U.S. interest in and concern for the Caribbean island nation.


NATO's Defense Capabilities Initiative Targets the Future      

TORONTO - The Defense Capabilities Initiative, the latest concept sweeping NATO, is key to meeting 21st century security challenges, alliance leaders meeting here Sept. 21 and 22 said.


DoD Follows National Guidelines to Help Substance Abusers      

WASHINGTON - As much as possible, DoD follows nationally established health care guidelines for treating substance abusers.


Commissaries Aid in Sending "Letters to the Front"      

WASHINGTON - "Dear Service Member, I just want to say thanks for ...".


Hurricane Floyd Leaves Mark on Commissaries Worldwide      

MAXWELL AIR FORCE BASE, Ala. - A record number of U.S. military commissaries closed as Hurricane Floyd took aim at and traveled up the Atlantic Coast states.


Balkans, Lessons Learned, Discussed at NATO Meetings      

TORONTO, Canada - NATO's 19 defense ministers gathered here Sept. 20 to 22 to discuss peacekeeping operations in the Balkans, lessons learned in Kosovo and future defense capabilities.


U.S., NATO Allies Plan New, Improved Alliance  This story contains photos.    

TORONTO - NATO's 19 member nations aim to create a more coordinated, effective, modern alliance by embracing the Defense Capabilities Initiative, according to Defense Secretary William S. Cohen.


Romanian Defector, Now Connecticut Yankee, Runs for USA  This story contains photos.    

BALTIMORE, Md. - Running his way to a spot on the U.S. team in the recent Military World Games in Zagreb, Croatia, had a special meaning for Sandu Rebenciuc. It gave him the chance to see his parents for the first time since he defected from Romania 11 years ago.


U.S., U.K. Defense Leaders Call for Wiser Spending      

TORONTO - NATO nations need to spend their defense dollars more wisely as they prepare for future challenges, according to Defense Secretary William S. Cohen.


Predator Demonstrates Worth Over Kosovo      

WASHINGTON - No matter where Serb forces moved in Kosovo, they were under the eye of NATO forces.


Sexual Harassment Misperceptions Abound      

ARLINGTON, Va. - Service members listen to countless hours of training each year, participate in surveys, and discuss sexual harassment issues among themselves regularly. Yet sexual harassment is still a very real problem, said Air Force Capt. Eric Davis. Davis is an equal opportunity and sexual harassment command advisor with Office of the Secretary of Defense, Washington Headquarters Services here.


Holiday Mailing Schedule Set (updated)      

Sept. 21, 1999 - Get those Christmas cards and packages in the mail early this year, Postal Service officials recommend.


So Kids Can See Clearly      

WASHINGTON - What are some indicators that a child might be having vision problems? Are eye care benefits available to family members under TRICARE? How can parents make sure their children's eyes are protected from safety hazards?


Dental Care: What Retirees Get and Don't Get from TRICARE      

WASHINGTON, Sept. 21, 1999 - More than 470,000 military retirees and eligible family members have enrolled in the TRICARE Retiree Dental Program since its inception in 1998. Many of those enrolled, however -- and many who are undecided about enrolling -- don't fully understand how the plan works, program administrators said.


U.S., Russia Will Share Early Warning Missile Launch Data      

MOSCOW - American service members have stood vigilant for years against a possible Russian missile attack, and this year, Russians will stand watch with them -- on U.S. soil.


Tomb Inscription Dedicated  This story contains photos.    

ARLINGTON NATIONAL CEMETERY, Va. - Eleven long-stem yellow roses provided exclamation points at the end of the phrase "Honoring and Keeping Faith with America's Missing Servicemen."


U.S. Limits Assistance to East Timor      

WASHINGTON - The United States will contribute limited, but essential assistance to the Australian-led U.N. security force in East Timor, President Clinton announced here Sept. 16.


DoD Supports Hurricane Recovery      

WASHINGTON - As the East Coast braced for Hurricane Floyd, DoD helped local authorities evacuate coastal areas and prepared to support recovery operations in the wake of the massive storm.


Modern Pentathletes Yank First CISM Gold in 15 Years      

WASHINGTON - A joint Army-Air Force quartet recently defeated teams from 14 other countries in Warsaw, Poland, to win America's first CISM modern pentathlon championship in 15 years.


DoD Schools to Track Former Students Progress      

ARLINGTON - Grades and test scores aren't the only measures of a school educational program. Students' success in later endeavors must count for something, too.


U.S., Russia Scrap Soviet-era Nuclear Missile Subs      

SEVERODVINSK, Russia - U.S. and Russian officials at the Zvezdochka Shipyard here showed Defense Secretary William S. Cohen the fruits of their labor Sept. 14 -- massive mounds of scrap metal, miles of twisted cable and barrels filled with copper bits.


"Hundreds" of Service Members Destined for East Timor      

WASHINGTON - "Hundreds" of U.S. service members will participate in any peacekeeping operation on East Timor, President Clinton said Sept. 14 during a news conference in New Zealand.


Commissary Shopping Can Mean Extra Bonus for Shoppers      

MAXWELL AIR FORCE BASE, Ala. - Cars, shopping sprees, trips. Those are just a few of the side benefits of shopping at the local commissary. Just ask Linda C. Prejeant of Panama City, Fla.


Cohen Offers Russia U.S. Help to Combat Terrorism      

MOSCOW - Hours after a bomb blast destroyed an eight-story apartment complex here Sept. 13, Defense Secretary William S. Cohen publicly condemned the attack and offered U.S. help.


DoD Working to Attract Hispanic-American Recruits      

WASHINGTON - Some time in the next 10 years, Hispanic Americans will become the nation's largest ethnic group.


U.S. Plans to Support U.N. Force in East Timor      

WASHINGTON - The U.S. military will provide logistical and other support to an Australian-led international peacekeeping force in East Timor, Defense Secretary William S. Cohen said Sept. 12.


Uncle Sam Seeks a Few Good Voters for 2000 Polls      

WASHINGTON - DoD's Federal Voting Assistance Program is looking for 350 volunteer service members from five states to take part in a pilot online voting project during the year 2000 presidential election.


Arms Control, Y2K Top Cohen's Moscow Agenda      

MOSCOW - U.S. Defense Secretary William S. Cohen and Russian defense officials are working together here to reaffirm the two nations' efforts to draw down the Soviet-era nuclear arsenal and to counter potential Year 2000 computer glitches.


Stakeholders' Report Points to TRICARE Progress      

WASHINGTON - TRICARE systematically tracked patient concerns in 1999, streamlining enrollment, improving claims processing and steadily improving patients' number one bug-a-boo, access.


Cohen "Previews" Kosovo Lessons Learned      

WASHINGTON - What went right? What went wrong? How can we do even better next time?


DoD Schools Add Counselors to Counteract Family Pressures      

WASHINGTON - The Department of Defense Education Activity plans to nearly double the number of counselors and psychologists in its schools by June 2000 to help students deal with increasing stresses in military family life.


DoD to Promote Family Coping Skills      

WASHINGTON - When service members deploy to world trouble spots, it's tough on the spouses and children they leave behind.


Reserve Chief Assesses Force Integration on Balkans Trip      

WASHINGTON - There was neither a Pentagon ceremony nor so much as a cake cutting. Instead, as the second anniversary of the total force integration initiative approached, DoD's reserve affairs chief marked the event with his third trip to the Balkans for another firsthand progress report.


Dual POW/MIA Ceremony Slated Sept. 17 at Tomb of Unknowns      

WASHINGTON - A combined ceremony will be held Sept. 17 at the Tomb of the Unknowns in Arlington (Va.) National Cemetery to honor former POWs and missing servicemen and to dedicate an inscription on the crypt of the Vietnam Unknown.


Clinton Says U.S. Would Aid Aussie Peacekeepers in Timor      

WASHINGTON - The United States is prepared to support any Australian effort to provide security in East Timor, President Clinton said Sept. 9.


East Timor: Tiny Crack in U.S.-Indonesian Relations Grows      

WASHINGTON - The problems in East Timor have strategic ramifications for the United States, said Marvin Ott, professor of national security policy at the National Defense University here.


Go Ahead, Speak Your Mind -- 100,000 Will Have Chance      

WASHINGTON - Want to tell the Pentagon brass what you think of military life? You may just get the chance to speak your mind.


Aghast Mask  This story contains photos.    

ABERDEEN PROVING GROUND, Md. - Let me say this straight up -- I hated the old M-17 protective mask. That's why the proposed Joint Service General Purpose Mask is such a pleasant surprise.


Joint-Service Team Develops New Protective Mask  This story contains photos.    

ABERDEEN PROVING GROUND, Md. - It will be the lightest, most comfortable protective mask service members have ever used, Army Col. Steven V. Reeves said.


Changes, Improvements Greet Students in New School Year      

WASHINGTON - Smaller classes in lower grades and full-day kindergarten overseas are among the changes many schools within the Department of Defense Education Activity saw when students began classes for the 1999-2000 school year.


Tilt-rotor Technology Promises Military Revolution  This story contains photos.    

WASHINGTON - Defense Secretary William S. Cohen pointed to the V-22 Osprey tilt-rotor aircraft parked on the Pentagon parade field and said, "This is the revolution in military affairs in action."


Pentagon Not Planning East Timor Intervention  This story contains photos.    

WASHINGTON - DoD is not planning to provide peacekeeping troops to East Timor, Defense Secretary William S. Cohen said Sept. 8.


United States Helping Vietnam Find Its MIAs      

WASHINGTON - Four senior Vietnamese government researchers spent a week here recently gathering information that might help them find the remains of up to 400,000 of their missing countrymen.


Veterans' Small Businesses to Get Federal Help      

WASHINGTON - President Clinton signed into law a program designed to help veterans, particularly the disabled, develop small businesses.


Army Women "Soar Winners" at Eglin Softball Meet      

EGLIN AIR FORCE BASE, Fla. - A friendly rivalry constantly raises the question as to what branch of service "soars" above the rest. An Army squad left no doubt they're in the stratosphere at the Women's Armed Forces Softball Tournament here Aug. 25-27.


Air Force Men Win Softball Title Behind 159-Run Slugfest      

EGLIN AIR FORCE BASE, Fla. - An old sports adage says offense entertains but defense wins games.


DoD Travelers Can Soon Access Charge Accounts      

WASHINGTON - Service members and DoD employees traveling on official business soon will be able to call up their personal travel card accounts on the Internet.


Assessment, Records Key to Good Health Care      

WASHINGTON - As TRICARE Prime, the DoD managed health care plan, moves toward the DoD goal of not only treating but preventing sickness and injury, military medical facilities are looking to two tools to help out: Health Enrollment Assessment Reviews and patient medical records.


U.S. Troops Help Turkish Quake Victims  This story contains photos.    

WASHINGTON - American service members are helping Turkey recover from the killer earthquake that killed more than 14,000 people and injured 27,000 others.

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