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U.S. Destroying Chemical Stockpile      

WASHINGTON - The United States plans to eliminate more than 3 million chemical bombs, rockets, munitions and mines by 2004. DoD is declassifying information on its stockpile, paving the way for its destruction.


Postal Agency Releases ZIP Codes for Peacekeepers      

WASHINGTON - Postal ZIP codes have been assigned to service members supporting Operation Joint Endeavor in Croatia, Hungary and Bosnia.


First Lady Asks Citizens to Write Service Members in Bosnia      

WASHINGTON - After returning home from a trip to Europe with her husband, first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton wrote a newspaper column asking Americans to help lift the spirits of troops in the former Yugoslavia by writing letters to them.


Soldier, Marine Claim 1995 Athlete of the Year Honors      

WASHINGTON - An Army sprinter and a Marine Corps triathlete are the armed forces top athletes of 1995.


U.S. Forces Renovate Albanian Hospital  This story contains photos.    

WASHINGTON - After visiting a Balkan hospital, three American women turned to DoD for help in improving medical care in Albania, a country hidden for more than 40 years in the darkest shadows of the Iron Curtain.


Active, Reserve Chaplains Support Troops in Bosnia      

WASHINGTON - More than 30 Army Reserve chaplains and enlisted assistants recently arrived in Germany to fill in for chaplains supporting U.S. troops in Bosnia.


Special Operations Forces In Bosnia      

WASHINGTON - Special operations forces from the Army, Navy and Air Force conduct numerous missions supporting NATOs implementation force in Bosnia. Assistance ranges from air support and rescue operations to reconnaissance and liaison duties.


Get In, Strike & Get Out Alive: Practicing Air Warfare      

NELLIS AFB, Nev. - Attack by enemy aircraft is one danger facing U.S. and allied pilots. Ground fire from a snipers bullet to a surfacetoair missile is another. The objective is: get in, strike and get out alive.


Bombs & Bullets, Sagebrush & Sand      

TWENTYNINE PALMS, Calif. - Four M1A1 tanks trailing billowing dust clouds lead the assault through sagebrush and sand. Humvees, light armored vehicles and amphibious assault tracks rumble behind, a Vformation of fighting machines steadily advancing across the desert plain.


Coach Hopes to Bring Experience to Olympics      

FORT HUACHUCA, Ariz. - The ringside routine doesnt change much for Army Sgt. 1st Class Jesse Ravelo. After each round, he enters the ring, squats before his resting fighter and explains in detail what he sees.


Pang Tabbed for Partnership Council      

WASHINGTON - President Clinton intends to appoint Frederick Pang, assistant defense secretary for force management policy, to the National Partnership Council, the White House press office announced. The appointment, an added duty, will not affect Pangs current position.


1996 Armed Forces Boxing Tournament Results      

FORT HUACHUCA, Ariz. - The following are results of the 1996 boxing championships. Army boxers captured the team honors, placing 11 fighters into the finals and winning all 11 bouts. Marine Corps, Air Force and Navy followed.


Army Romps to 4th Straight Armed Forces Boxing Title      

FORT HUACHUCA, Ariz. - To many military boxers, holding the 1996 armed forces championships here was like playing the Chicago Bulls at their United Center court. Experienced talent, supported by vocal fans, equals easy victory in the home arena.


Some States Permit Registration, Voting Via Fax      

WASHINGTON, DC - The electronic age will help some military voters receive their absentee ballots for the 1996 federal election.


Family Coordinators Help Families Deal With Deployments  This story contains photos.    

FORT DIX, N.J. - Napoleon Bonaparte once said an army marches on its stomach. If the great French general were alive today, he might add "an army marches better and faster if soldiers arent worried about family problems at home."


Joe Kruzel, DoDs Peacemaker  This story contains photos.    

WASHINGTON - A grayhaired man in sharply creased gray flannel pants, rigidly crisp white shirt, deep red, Vneck sweater and full Windsorknotted tie sat quietly among the senior staff around the planes conference table on the way to Europe.


Interagency Intelligence Teams Support Bosnia Mission      

WASHINGTON, DC - Teams of analysts, communicators and managers from three U.S. intelligence agencies are supporting NATO's Operation Joint Endeavor in Bosnia, DoD officials said.


Russian Troops Arriving in Bosnia  This story contains photos.    

WASHINGTON, DC - Lead elements of a Russian combat brigade began arriving in Tuzla Jan. 12 to join their American counterparts in northern Bosnia, according to DoD officials.


DoD Drops CHAMPUS Deductible for Joint Endeavor Guard, Reservists      

WASHINGTON - Family members of reserve component personnel called to active duty to support Operation Joint Endeavor can use CHAMPUS health care benefits without paying the deductible, or enroll in TRICARE.


Thunderbirds, Blue Angels Announce Schedules      

WASHINGTON - The Air Force Thunderbirds air demonstration team will take its flying skills to Europe for a series of shows this summer.


Special Ballot Helps Overseas Members Vote      

WASHINGTON - Overseas voters not receiving their regular state absentee ballots in time may still cast their votes for federal office candidates.


Reservists Called for Bosnia Can Earn Education  This story contains photos.    

FORT DIX, N.J. - When officials here interviewed more than 1,500 guardsmen and reservists last summer during annual training, they were startled with what they discovered.


Completing the Marshall Plan      

WASHINGTON - The United States has an opportunity to finish the job it started in the 1940s: creating a united, stable, democratic Europe, Defense Secretary William J. Perry said here.


President Nominates New Pacific Commander in Chief      

WASHINGTON - President Clinton nominated Navy Adm. Joseph W. Prueher, 54, to be commander in chief, U.S. Pacific Command. If confirmed by the Senate, Prueher will replace Adm. Richard C. Macke.


Air Force Provides Space Support for Bosnia Service Members      

WASHINGTON - Air Force officials said they hope to provide service members in Bosnia the best spacebased support during their yearlong peacekeeping mission.


Questions About Allowances Spark Perry's Concern      

WASHINGTON - DoD needs to examine why soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines get different allowances, said Defense Secretary William J. Perry.


Perry Honors Americans Killed in Terrorist Bombing      

RIYADH, SAUDI ARABIA - Defense Secretary William J. Perry today paid his respects to five Americans killed in a terrorist bombing here Nov. 13.


Central Command Guards the Gulf      

RIYADH, SAUDI ARABIA - Saddam Hussein can't help but know he's being watched. Day and night, jet fighters streak across Iraqi skies, a constant reminder the United States will fight to protect the Persian Gulf region.


U.S. Stockpiles Equipment in the Persian Gulf      

MUSCAT, OMAN - If war again becomes necessary in the Middle East, U.S. troops deploying to the region will link up with equipment already stockpiled there and kept in first-class condition, according to Defense Secretary William J. Perry.


Local Elections Just As Important As Federal Campaign      

WASHINGTON - With the spotlight on the 1996 federal campaign, many DoD voters often forget local elections.


DoD Signs Joint Advanced Strike Technology Agreement      

WASHINGTON - The United States and the United Kingdom signed a memorandum of understanding for Britains participation in the Joint Advanced Strike Technology program.


Worth Repeating #5      

WASHINGTON, DC - “There is hardly anything in the world that some man cannot make a little worse and sell a little cheaper.”


Dental Plan Reduces Time Requirements for Enrollment      

WASHINGTON, DC - The TRICARE family member dental plan has become more flexible for service members returning from overseas assignments.


DoD Announces Single Process Initiative Policy      

WASHINGTON, DC - DoD announced a policy designed to implement a single process initiative. This will lead to use of common processes and performance specifications on existing defense contracts.


Toll-Free Numbers Can Aid Voters on Election Issues      

WASHINGTON, DC - The Federal Voting Assistance Program encourages service members and DoD employees worldwide to vote.


Defense Leaders Praise U.S. Service Members      

WASHINGTON - U.S. defense leaders are impressed with the dedication and professionalism of American troops involved in Operation Joint Endeavor and say all the warring parties in Bosnia have given NATO forces a warm welcome.


Legislation May Provide Tax Relief to Troops in Bosnia      

WASHINGTON - Legislation introduced in the House of Representatives last month may provide a tax break for service members deployed in Bosnia-Herzegovina.


Reservists Ready for Bosnia Duty      

FORT DIX, N.J. - When Army Reserve Staff Sgt. Michael Hummel told his family he'd been called up for the peacekeeping efforts in Bosnia, his 6-year-old son Matthew was devastated -- but not because his father was going away.


Reaping Wheat, Not War in Central Ukraine      

KIEV, UKRAINE - The launch keys that would have sent six nuclear warheads hurtling toward the United States were turned today. Instead of raining nuclear devastation on America, they were set to self-destruct.


Rough Landing for Defense Chiefs      

KIEV, UKRAINE - Flying in a sleet storm, landing in a snowbank, blowing up a missile silo -- it was a day to remember for the American, Ukrainian and Russian defense chiefs traveling aboard a Ukrainian military aircraft.


10 Vie for Top Military Athlete Honors      

WASHINGTON - Sprinters, boxers, long distance runners and swimmers are among the 10 athletes competing for the 1995 military athlete of the year awards.


Troops in Bosnia Getting Best Chow Possible      

WASHINGTON - With 20,000 Americans going to Bosnia- Herzegovina dealing with cold temperatures and snow, the food service specialists are moving to give them the best food available.


Family Dental Plan Expands Coverage to Canada      

WASHINGTON, DC - The TRICARE active duty family member dental plan is expanding coverage to military families living in Canada.


Medical Care in Bosnia      

WASHINGTON, DC - American service members deployed to Bosnia will have the best possible military medicine supporting them.


U.S., Ukraine, Russia Forge New Ties      

KIEV, UKRAINE - As the United States forges new security ties, American service members can expect to meet more of their Ukrainian and Russian counterparts during training exercises.


Satellite Crosslink Marks New Era in Space Communications      

WASHINGTON, DC - Defense officials said a new era for space-based communications began last month when two military satellites sent messages to each other without first sending the data through ground stations.


Perry Tells Troops Mission is Historic Achievement      

AVIANO AIR BASE, Italy - Though cautious of what the future may hold in the Balkans, Defense Secretary William J. Perry lauded the role air power played in setting the stage for peace in the region.


Hope Prevails After War's Devastation      

SARAJEVO, BOSNIA - William J. Perry has tried to visit Sarajevo three times in the last two years. Sniper fire and severe weather canceled his first two attempts. This time he made it.


Perry Says Spirits Are High Despite Problems      

TUZLA, BOSNIA - Despite a mine casualty, Sava River flooding and the Serb detainment of 16 civilians in Sarajevo, Defense Secretary William J. Perry said the operation is going better than expected.


Tuzla 10 Set Up U.S. Headquarters in Northern Bosnia      

TUZLA, BOSNIA - The Tuzla 10 came to town just less than a month ago. Their mission: set up a base camp for Task Force Eagle, mainly comprised of a 20,000-strong U.S. armor division, at a former Yugoslavian air base in Northern Bosnia.


Clinton Vetoes DoD Authorization Bill, Raises Pay for      

WASHINGTON, DC - President Clinton vetoed the 1996 Defense Authorization Bill, but took steps to ensure the military's uniformed men and women receive the full 2.4 percent pay raise that he had requested.


Stay Alert, Perry Advises Troops in Tazsar      

TAZSAR AIR BASE, HUNGARY - The greatest threat facing service members in NATO's operation Joint Endeavor is complacency, according to the U.S. defense secretary.


Perry Says Bosnians Want Peace, NATO Force Can Do the Job      

AVIANO AIR BASE, Italy - Do the warring parties in Bosnia want peace? Can more than 30 nations operate under NATO command? Can the United States deploy in time?


Shalikashvili Says Young Soldiers, Unit Leaders Pulled It Off      

WASHINGTON, DC - Considering the fog, snow, mud, ice and floods, operations in Bosnia have progressed better than we had a right to expect, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff told the press here on Jan. 1.


"Rule of Two" Suspensions Proposed      

WASHINGTON, DC - DoD announced several initiatives to expand contracting for small, disadvantaged businesses. These initiatives, published for comment in the Federal Register, would amend the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement.

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