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DoD News Briefing, Friday, 08 Nov 2002 - 10:30 am
    • All slides in a single PDF file. (.pdf 657 KB) (021108-D-6570C-001)
    • A doctor performs out-patient surgery. (.jpg 42 KB) (021108-D-6570C-002)
    • U.S. Army veterinarians give care to sheep. (.jpg 43 KB) (021108-D-6570C-003)
    • New school construction in the Parwan Province of Afghanistan. (.jpg 82 KB) (021108-D-6570C-004)
    • Clothing is given to locals at Bagram, Afghanistan. (.jpg 54 KB) (021108-D-6570C-005)
    • Iraqi attack dates. (.jpg 39 KB) (021108-D-6570C-006)
    • Iraqi Roland missile firing at coalition Predator. (.mpg 3 MB) (021108-D-6570C-007)

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