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DoD News Briefing, Friday, 12 Jan 2001 - 10:30 am
    • Pesticides Environmental Exposure Report. (.jpg 56 KB) (010112-D-0000C-001)
    • Why Investigate Pesticides? (.jpg 75 KB) (010112-D-0000C-002)
    • Pesticides Investigation Process. (.jpg 67 KB) (010112-D-0000C-003)
    • Qualitative Health Risk Assessment. (.jpg 66 KB) (010112-D-0000C-004)
    • Findings. (.jpg 81 KB) (010112-D-0000C-005)
    • Conclusions. (.jpg 61 KB) (010112-D-0000C-006)
    • Obtaining Help and Information. (.jpg 72 KB) (010112-D-0000C-007)
    • A Review of the Scientific Literature As it Pertains to Gulf War Illnesses: Pesticides. (.jpg 50 KB) (010112-D-0000C-008)
    • RAND Reviewed the Scientific Literature on Some Pesticides Used in the Gulf War. (.jpg 78 KB) (010112-D-0000C-009)
    • Systematically Reviewed 12 Pesticide Active Ingredients. (.jpg 88 KB) (010112-D-0000C-010)
    • Review Pertinent to Symptoms Seen In Ill Gulf War Veterans. (.jpg 77 KB) (010112-D-0000C-011)
    • Results: Little Evidence of Long-term Effects for Four of the Pesticides Studied. (.jpg 85 KB) (010112-D-0000C-012)
    • Results: Possible Contribution of 2 Pesticide Classes. (.jpg 96 KB) (010112-D-0000C-013)
    • Further Observations on the Possible Role of AChE Inhibiting Pesticides. (.jpg 79 KB) (010112-D-0000C-014)
    • These Results Should Be Interpreted with Some Caution. (.jpg 90 KB) (010112-D-0000C-015)
    • Overall Conclusion. (.jpg 48 KB) (010112-D-0000C-016)
    • Pesticide Use During the Gulf War: A Survey of Gulf War Veterans. (.jpg 43 KB) (010112-D-0000C-017)
    • Survey Designed to Document Pesticide Use by US Troops in the Gulf War. (.jpg 95 KB) (010112-D-0000C-018)
    • Sampled Veterans Representative of Entire Gulf War Population. (.jpg 82 KB) (010112-D-0000C-019)
    • Survey Designed to Aid and Evaluate Recall. (.jpg 85 KB) (010112-D-0000C-020)
    • Results for Personal Pesticides Used on Body and Uniform. (.jpg 85 KB) (010112-D-0000C-021)
    • Results for Other Personal Pesticide Use. (.jpg 55 KB) (010112-D-0000C-022)
    • Misuse of Pesticides. (.jpg 93 KB) (010112-D-0000C-023)
    • Multiple Exposure. (.jpg 104 KB) (010112-D-0000C-024)

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