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DoD News Briefing, Wednesday, 21 Sep 2005 - 3:00 pm
    • All slides in a single PDF file. (.pdf) (050921-D-6570C-001)
    • Combined Joint Task Force Horn of Africa. (.jpg) (050921-D-6570C-002)
    • CJOA Area of Responsibility. (.jpg) (050921-D-6570C-003)
    • Colonial Areas/Tribal Areas. (.jpg) (050921-D-6570C-004)
    • Religion Areas. (.jpg) (050921-D-6570C-005)
    • Known Threats in the CJOA. (.jpg) (050921-D-6570C-006)
    • Mission Statement. (.jpg) (050921-D-6570C-007)
    • Accomplishing Our Mission In the Horn of Africa. (.jpg) (050921-D-6570C-008)
    • Concept of Operations. (.jpg) (050921-D-6570C-009)
    • Holy Trinity. (.jpg) (050921-D-6570C-010)
    • Lines of Operations. (.jpg) (050921-D-6570C-011)
    • Operational Functions. (.jpg) (050921-D-6570C-012)
    • Civil Military Operations. (.jpg) (050921-D-6570C-013)
    • MEDCAP/VETCAP. (.jpg) (050921-D-6570C-014)
    • HA Operations. (.jpg) (050921-D-6570C-015)
    • Mil-to-Mil Training. (.jpg) (050921-D-6570C-016)
    • Coastal Security. (.jpg) (050921-D-6570C-017)
    • Operations 2002-Present. (.jpg) (050921-D-6570C-018)
    • Key Accomplishments. (.jpg) (050921-D-6570C-019)
    • The Way Ahead. (.jpg) (050921-D-6570C-020)
    • Winning the Conflict. (.jpg) (050921-D-6570C-021)

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