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DoD News Briefing, Wednesday, 17 March 2009 - 3:00 PM
    • All slides in a single PDF file. (.pdf 62 KB) (090317-D-6570C-001)
    • FY08 Report on Sexual Assault in the Military. (.jpg 53 KB) (090317-D-6570C-002)
    • Aggregate Report of Sexual Assault Incidents. (.jpg 71 KB) (090317-D-6570C-003)
    • Sexual Assault Reports Involving Service Member Victim(s) and/or Subject(s). (.jpg 85 KB) (090317-D-6570C-004)
    • Reports of Alleged Sexual Assaults. (.jpg 104 KB) (090317-D-6570C-005)
    • FY08 Subject Dispositions. (.jpg 120 KB) (090317-D-6570C-006)
    • Strategic Observations. (.jpg 94 KB) (090317-D-6570C-007)

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