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DoD News Briefing, Friday, 25 Apr 2003 - 12:00 pm
    • All slides in a single PDF file. (.pdf 2 MB) (030425-D-6570C-001)
    • An Iraqi worker at the Dawrah power station in Baghdad. (.jpg 48 KB) (030425-D-6570C-002)
    • Demonstrators gather at the gate of Vandenberg Air Force Base. (.jpg 75 KB) (030425-D-6570C-004)
    • A civil affairs soldier talks with a gas plant official. (.jpg 50 KB) (030425-D-6570C-005)
    • A fire truck parked outside a fire station in Baghdad. (.jpg 66 KB) (030425-D-6570C-006)
    • An Iraqi engineer speaks with civil affairs soldiers at a power substation. (.jpg 45 KB) (030425-D-6570C-007)
    • Iraqi civilians watch soldiers clearing railroad tracks for humanitarian assistance to Umm Qasar. (.jpg 60 KB) (030425-D-6570C-008)
    • Everyone lends a hand to dig out the railroad tracks. (.jpg 68 KB) (030425-D-6570C-009)
    • Two young Iraqi girls greet Marines in An Nasariyah. (.jpg 32 KB) (030425-D-6570C-010)
    • A vehicle clearly marked as an Iraqi Red Crescent ambulance. (.jpg 42 KB) (030425-D-6570C-011)
    • The interior of the ambulance was filled with electronic equipment. (.jpg 34 KB) (030425-D-6570C-012)
    • The ambulance had been modified for use as a signals intelligence collection vehicle. (.jpg 63 KB) (030425-D-6570C-013)
    • The raised antenna made the vehicle capable of intercepting and direction finding radio signals. (.jpg 30 KB) (030425-D-6570C-014)

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