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DoD News Briefing, Wednesday, 5 Mar 2003 - 11:55 a.m.
    • Targeting and Collateral Damage (.jpg 29 KB) (030305-D-9085M-001)
    • Avoiding Unintended Non-Combatant Casualties (.jpg 60 KB) (030305-D-9085M-002)
    • Definitions (.jpg 59 KB) (030305-D-9085M-003)
    • Target Decisions (.jpg 50 KB) (030305-D-9085M-004)
    • Target Assessment...Non Combatant Casualties and Non-Combatant Facilities (An Example) (.jpg 68 KB) (030305-D-9085M-005)
    • Target Assessment...Mitigation of Collateral Effects (.jpg 59 KB) (030305-D-9085M-006)
    • Target Assessment...Dual Use Facilities (.jpg 67 KB) (030305-D-9085M-007)
    • Other Mitigation Techniques (.jpg 58 KB) (030305-D-9085M-008)
    • Other Mitigation Techniques (.jpg 63 KB) (030305-D-9085M-009)
    • Targeting and Collateral Damage (All slides in a single PDF file (.pdf 380 KB) (030305-D-9085M-010)

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