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Last Updated: 27 January 2006

al Qahtani

Commission Transcripts, Exhibits, and Allied Papers



6 Jul 04

President Bush subjects detainee to potential trial by military commission

4 Nov 05

Appointing Authority approves charges
(Accused-detainees enjoy the presumption of innocence--charges are merely allegations.  The prosecution has the burden of proving guilt beyond a reasonable doubt at a military commission trial.
16 Dec 05 Appointing Authority refers case to trial
16 Dec 05 Appointing Authority appoints commission members to decide case
20 Dec 05 Defense Counsel requests that the U.S. District Court order a stay of the military commission proceedings
21 Dec 05 Presiding Officer established discovery schedule and purpose of first hearing (PO 1)
19 Jan 06 Presiding Officer Schedules Next Trial Session (Feb. 27--Mar. 3, 2006) for Six Commission Cases