Ilhan Aksay Princeton University NJ Image Filter System & Environmental Cell for Transmission Electron Microscope Air Force
Lynden Archer Texas A&M University - Engineering Expt Station TX Ceramic Coatings and Monoliths Air Force
Robert Armstrong New Mexico State University NM Characterizing Optoelectronic Devices and Optical Networks DARPA
David Awschalom University of California - Santa Barbara CA Novel Magneto-Optical Technique for Studies of Magnetic Nanostructures Air Force
Andrew Barron Rice University TX Solid-State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance to Characterize Functional Materials Navy
James Bellingham Massachusetts Institute of Technology MA Sensors/Support Equipment for Autonomous Oceanographic Sampling Network Navy
John Bilello University of Michigan MI In-Situ Real-Time Tensile Stage for Synchrotron Topography Army
Daniel Blumenthal Georgia Institute of Technology GA Broadband, Optical Wavelength-Division Multiplexing DARPA
Henry Brenner New York University NY Autocorrelator for Femtosecond Light Pulses DARPA
George Caryotakis Stanford University CA Instrumentation for Study of High-Power Microwave Sources Air Force
Fu-Kuo Chang Stanford University CA Real-Time Structural Integrity Monitoring Army
Connie Chang-Hasnain University of California - Berkeley CA Ultra-High Bandwidth Wavelength-Division Multiplexing Devices & Network DARPA
Tai Chiang University of Illinois - Urbana IL Nonequilibrium Synthesis of Super-hard Materials Using Energetic Beams Army
Fow-Sen Choa University of Maryland - Baltimore MD Chemical-Vapor-Deposition Reactor for Crystal Growth DARPA
Stephen Chou University of Minnesota MN Optical Scanning Microscope for Space/Time Study of Nanomagnetic Structures Air Force
Stephen Chou University of Minnesota MN Workstations for Simulation of Nanoscale Electronic and Magnetic Structures Navy
Philip Cohen University of Minnesota MN High-Temperature Scanneling Tunneling Microscopy of Nitride Semiconductors Air Force
Valerie Dagget University of Washington WA Simulation Studies of Protein Structure, Dynamics, Folding and Function Navy
Klaus-Hermann Dahmen Florida State University FL Synthesis of Nano-Size Particles Using Chemical Vapor Deposition Air Force
J. Greg Dash University of Washington WA Laboratory & Field Studies of Snow, Ice, and Frozen Ground Army
Christopher Davis University of Maryland MD Ultrahigh Resolution Temporal and Spatial Studies of Materials and Devices Army
Sam Deadwyler Wake Forest University NC Instrumentation for Multi-Neuron Recording in Animals Navy
Christian deMoustier University of California - San Diego CA High-Bandwidth Deep-Tow Capabilities Navy
Mircea Driga University of Texas - Austin TX Visualization of Abstract Concepts Army
Neal Driscoll Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute MA High-Resolution Chirp Seismic System for Littoral Zone Subbottom Imaging Navy
Bruce Dunn University of California - Los Angeles CA Microstructure Characterization of Transition Metal Oxide Aerogels Navy
Bruce Dunn University of California - Los Angeles CA Oxygen Ion Conductors Prepared with Nanosize Particles Air Force
Gary J. Eden University of Illinois - Urbana IL Femtosecond Characterization of Nonlinear Optical Materials & Wavepackets DARPA
Jeffrey Evanseck University of Miami FL Protein Structure Function Analysis by Multivariate Methods Army
Y. Fainman University of California - San Diego CA Photonic Imaging Networks BMDO
Daniel Fernandez University of California - Santa Cruz CA Shore-Based High-Frequency Radar for Network of Current Measuring Radars Navy
David Ferry Arizona State University AZ Visualization and Modeling of Quantum Devices in Circuits Navy
George Georgiou University of Texas - Austin TX Robotic System for Automated In-Vitro Transcription/Translation Army
Dian Gifford University of Rhode Island RI Instrumentation for Research on Bio-Optical Thin Layers in Coastal Waters Navy
Ronald Gilgenbach University of Michigan MI Plasma Diagnostics for High-Power Microwave Sources Air Force
John Gillespie, Jr University of Delaware DE Characterization of Materials & Processes for Adhesive Coatings Army
William Goddard California Institute of Technology CA Design, Characterization, & Processing of Nonlinear Optical Materials DARPA
Romel Gomez University of Maryland MD Scanning Tunneling Microscope with High Spatial/Temporal Resolution Army
Victor Granatstein University of Maryland MD Plasma Diagnostics for High-Power Microwave Generation Air Force
Robert Guza University of California - San Diego CA Directional Wave Buoys for Coastal Ocean Research Navy
David Hagan University of Central Florida FL Optical Parametric Excitation -Continuum Probe Spectrometer DARPA
Mark Hamden-Smith University of New Mexico NM Surface Characterization Navy
Alan Heeger University of California - Santa Barbara CA Femtosecond Laser Study of Conducting and Nonlinear Optical Polymers Navy
Tony Heinz Columbia University NY Femtosecond, Atomic-Scale Surface Processes Induced by Intense Lasers Air Force
Wilson Ho Cornell University NY Femtosecond Spatial Imaging of Charge Transport in Thin Films Navy
William Hodgkiss University of California - San Diego CA Fluctuations of Shallow-Water Oceanographic Parameters Navy
Eugene Irene University of North Carolina NC In-situ Real Time Film Processing and Analysis System Navy
David Jaeger University of Wyoming WY Vesicles for Simultaneous Signaling and Decontamination of Chemical Agents Army
D. Lynn Johnson Northwestern University IL Two-Stage Jet Nanophase Particle Synthesis System Air Force
Joseph Katz John Hopkins University MD Oceanic Turbulence Measurements using Particle Imaging Velocimetry Navy
Wolfgang Ketterle Massachusetts Institute of Technology MA Bose-Einstein Condensation of an Almost Ideal Gas Navy
Wiley Kirk Texas A&M University - Engineering Expt Station TX Heterostructure Growth System for Silicon-Based Nonoelectronics DARPA
Eric Kool University of Rochester NY Specific DNA Sequence Detection by Fluorescence Microscopy Army
Martin Kordesch Ohio University OH Scanning Emission Microscopy for Characterizing Electronic Materials BMDO
Mohan Krishanamurthy Michigan Tech University MI Scanning Probe Microscopy for Real-Time Information on Si-Nanoelectronics DARPA
Magne Kristiansen Texas Tech University TX High-Resolution Microwave Diagnostic System Air Force
Mark Kuzyk Washington State University WA Characterizing Optical Fibers, Thin Films & Bulk Nonlinear Optical Materials DARPA
Enrique Lavernia University of California - Irvine CA Infrared Thermography for In-Situ Diagnosis of Spray Deposition Process Army
Michael Lemmon University of Notre Dame IN Distributed Computing for Modeling/Simulation of Complex Dynamical Systems Army
Stephen Leone University of Colorado CO Ultrafast Near Field Optical Microscopy of Semiconductor Materials Army
Guifang Li Rochester Institute of Technology NY High Speed Secure Communication System based on Nonlinear Dynamics Navy
Sheng Li University of Florida FL Fourier-Transform Spectrometer for Infrared Detector and Emitter Research BMDO
Paul F. Linsay Massachusetts Institute of Technology MA Scene Segmentation by Coupled Nonlinear Oscillators BMDO
Isabel Lloyd University Of Maryland MD Instrumentation for Microwave Processing of Ceramic Nanopowders Air Force
Neville Luhmann, Jr. University of California - Davis CA Diagnostics for Pulse Shortening in High-Power Microwave Sources Air Force
Charles Lukehart Vanderbilt University TN Powder X-Ray Diffraction System Army
Dinesh Manocha University of North Carolina NC Modeling and Interactive Visualization of Complex Datasets Army
John Margrave Rice University TX Cryogenic Synthesis and Characterization of Wide-Bandgap Nitride Army
Donald McClure Brown University RI Network and Graphics Systems for Image Modeling and Visualization Army
Thomas McGill California Institute of Technology CA Simulation and Design of Advanced Devices and Circuits Navy
Robert McIntosh University of Massachusetts MA Second-Generation, Focused, Phased-Array Imaging Radar Navy
Bruce McNaughton University of Arizona AZ Advanced Instrumentation for Parallel Neuronal Recording Navy
Michael Melloch Purdue University IN Time-of-Flight Instrumentation Navy
Gary Messing Pennsylvania State University PA Nano-size Particle Synthesis Using Spray Pyrolysis Air Force
Kenneth Miller University of California - San Francisco CA Scalable Real Time Discrimination of Multiple Cells in Cerebral Cortex Navy
Sanjoy Mitter Massachusetts Institute of Technology MA Environments for Modeling and Simulation of Complex Systems Army
E. Phillip Muntz University of Southern California CA High-Altitude Flow Research BMDO
Venkatesh Narayanamurti University of California - Santa Barbara CA Nanometer-scale Imaging and Spectroscopy of Compound Semiconductors Air Force
George Newkome University of South Florida FL Fourier Transform/Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometry Army
Geoffrey Nunes, Jr. Dartmouth College NH Ultrafast Scanning Tunneling Microscope for Dynamic Surface Studies Air Force
Richard Osgood Columbia University NY Instrumentation for Test and Fabrication of On-Chip Optical Isolators DARPA
Zhengda Pan Fisk Univ TN Picosecond Nd:YAG Laser System for Characterizing Nonlinear Optical Materials DARPA
Jay Patel Pennsylvania State University PA Liquid Crystal Devices for Wavelength/Time-Division Multiplexing Networks DARPA
R. Dale Pillsbury Oregon State University OR Equipment for Wave and Wind Observations at High Latitudes Navy
Chi-Sang Poon Massachusetts Institute of Technology MA Field Programmable Silicon Neural System Navy
Ali Raissi University of Central Florida FL Infrared Characterization of Semiconductor Photocatalysts and Processes Army
Vittal Rao University of Missouri-Rolla MO Monitoring Integrity and Health of Structures Army
Manijeh Razeghi Northwestern University IL Reactive Ion Etching using Electron Cyclotron Resonance DARPA
Naphtali Rishe Florida International University FL Research on Distributed, Interactive Database Management System Army
Craig Rogers Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University VA Intelligent Material Systems Approach to Qualitative Non-Destructive Evaluation Army
Joseph Ross, Jr Texas A&M University - Engineering Expt Station TX Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Force Microscopy of Semiconductors Army
Gregory Salamo University of Arkansas AR Measuring Impurity Species in Photorefractive Nonlinear Optical Materials DARPA
Thomas Sandreczki University of Missouri-Kansas City MO Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging for Materials Characterization BMDO
S. Shankar Sastry University of California - Berkeley CA Environments for Modeling/Simulation/Visualization of Complex Systems Army
Edl Schamiloglu University of New Mexico NM High-Power Laser System for High Spatial Resolution Air Force
Erland Schulson Dartmouth College NH Linking Phenomena on Different Scales Army
Craig Scott Morgan State University MD Time-of-Flight Velocity Measurements Navy
David Siegel University of California - Santa Barbara CA Oceanographic Field Equipment Navy
Nozer Singpurwalla George Washington University DC Computing Environment for Reliability Modeling/Simulation of Complex Systems Army
Vladlen Slepak University of Miami FL Surface Plasmon Resonance for the Characterization of Protein Complexes Navy
David Smith Case Western Reserve University OH Research on Fast, Optically-Amplified, Multiple-Wavelength Networks DARPA
John Spiesberger Pennsylvania State University PA Acoustic Source to Augment Navy Sonars for Mapping Sound Speed Navy
Bernard Steinberg University of Pennsylvania - Valley Forge Res Ctr PA Radio Camera Instrumentation BMDO
Wesley Stites University of Arkansas AR Protein X-Ray Crystallography Army
Carlos Stroud University of Rochester NY Subatomic Microscopy and Micromanipulation Army
Galen Stucky University of California - Santa Barbara CA Synthesis/Characterization of Nanocomposite Thermoelectric & Optical Materials Navy
James Sturm Princeton University NJ Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor Research DARPA
Sriram Subramaniam Johns Hopkins University MD Structures of Membrane Protein Assemblies--Electron Microscopy & Diffraction Army
Tangali Sudarshan University of South Carolina SC Optical Defect Characterization in Wide-Bandgap Semiconductors BMDO
Clifford Surko University of California - San Diego CA Compact High Efficiency Trap for Positron Accumulation Navy
Stephen Taylor California Institute of Technology CA Large-Scale Scientific Data Analysis BMDO
John Thomas Duke University NC Ultra-Cold Atom Imaging Army
Michael Thursby Florida Institute of Technology FL Measuring/Modeling Micropatch Antennas Controlled with Embedded Elements BMDO
Michael Tsapatsis University of Massachusetts MA Light Scattering and Electrophoresis Equipment for Device Fabrication Studies Air Force
Ignatius Tsong Arizona State University AZ In-Situ Characterization of Thin-Film Synthesized by Chemical Vapor Deposition Army
M. Selim Unlu Boston University MA Picosecond Near Field Optical Spectroscopy Army
Fred Urbach Case Western Reserve University OH Spectrophotometric Characterization of Electrocatalytic Materials for Fuel Cells Navy
J. Herbert Waite University of Delaware DE Laser Desorption and Ionization Mass Spectrometry of Marine Interfaces Navy
A. Joshua Wand State University of New York - Buffalo NY Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Probes for Structural Studies of Proteins Army
Kang Wang University of California - Los Angeles CA Equipment for Research on Nanostructure Growth with Atomic-Scale Control DARPA
Andrew Weiner Purdue University IN Instruments for Research on High-Speed Optical Transmultiplexing & Coding BMDO
Norman Werely University of Maryland MD Structural Integrity & Reliability Studies of Rotorcraft Systems Army
Bruce Wessels Northwestern University IL Instrumentation for Metal-organic Molecular Beam Epitaxy BMDO
Mark Williams University of Colorado CO Snow Hydrology Research Army
Curt Wittig University of Southern California CA Quantum Chaos as a Tool for controlling Reaction Pathways Navy
Donald Woodward Wake Forest University NC Instrumentation for Very Large Scale Neuron Ensemble Recording/Decoding Navy
Min Xiao University of Arkansas AR Electromagnetically Induced Transparency in Quantum Well Structures Navy
Eli Yablonovitch University of California - Los Angeles CA Testbed for Multi-Wavelength Optical Multiplexing With Passive Linear Filters BMDO
C.H Yang University of Maryland MD Research on Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistors DARPA
Amon Yariv California Institute of Technology CA Research on Gratings & Couplers for Wavelength Division Multiplexing DARPA
John Yates, Jr. University of Pittsburgh PA Air Force Air Force