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United States Department of Defense
Military Commissions
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Legal References


The Manual for Military Commissions, Jan. 18, 2007



Presidential Orders:  Military Order of Nov. 13, 2001:  Detention, Treatment, and Trial of Certain Non-Citizens in the War Against Terrorism



DoD Directive 5105.70:  Appointing Authority for Military Commission by Secretary of Defense



Military Commission Orders by Secretary of Defense - Links to orders governing the formation of military commissions 



Military Commission Instructions by the Department of Defense General Counsel - Links to instructions governing the conduct of military commissions



Appointing Authority Regulations and Orders - Links to Appointing Authority Regulations and Orders on military commissions 



Presidential Decisions - Links to Presidential Decisions on individual cases



Appointing Authority - Links to Appointing Authority Decisions on Individual cases being tried by military commissions



Presiding Officer Memoranda - Links to military directives issued by the Presiding Officer



Rescinded Documents - Links to presiding officer memoranda and military commission orders that have been rescinded 



Trial Guide - Trial Guide to Military Commissions







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Updated: 18 January 2007


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