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DOD Continues Prudent Planning for Government Shutdown

By Jim Garamone
American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, Sept. 27, 2013 – DOD officials believe a government shutdown will not occur when current spending authority expires Sept. 30th, but continue prudent planning in case it does.

Deputy Defense Secretary Ash Carter released a memo today entitled Guidance for Continuation of Operations in the Absence of Available Appropriations.

An attachment to the memo provides instructions on how operations and personnel would be affected if Congress fails to approve a continuing resolution or an appropriations bill in time for the new fiscal year that begins Tuesday.

There are functions of the department that must continue even in the absence of a funding stream. These are operations “necessary for the safety of human life and protection of property, including operations necessary for the security of our nation,” Carter wrote in the memo.

In the absence of funding, military personnel will continue to report to work as will some civilian DOD employees.

“Civilian employees not engaged in excepted activities will be furloughed,” Carter said. This means they will be placed in a non-work, non-pay status.


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