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Face of Defense: U.S. Marine Earns Kudos in Romania

By Marine Corps Lance Cpl. Krista James
Black Sea Rotational Force

MIHAIL KOGALNICEANU, Romania, Feb. 3, 2014 – It takes special Marines to continue to push for mission accomplishment during deployment, and it takes exceptional Marines to push for mission accomplishment for the upcoming rotation of the Black Sea Rotational Force here.

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Marine Corps Sgt. Brent Wars, a landing support specialist with Black Sea Rotational Force 14, waits to load passengers and gear onto a KC-130 Hercules at Mihail Kogalniceanu, Romania, Nov. 16, 2013. U.S. Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. Krista James

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Marines and sailors with BSRF-14 thrive for mission accomplishment by promoting regional stability and security, creating lasting partnerships with surrounding nations, and serving as the crisis-contingency force in the Eastern European region.

Marine Corps Sgt. Brent Wars, a landing support specialist with BSRF-14, received Marine of the Week honors for his efforts here in contributing to the overall mission of BSRF by supporting the delivery of ammunition for not only BSRF 14.1, but BSRF 14.2 as well, on Jan. 31, 2014.

These efforts help ensure that the incoming unit arrives in-country with an ample amount of ammunition to use for training or to respond in support of its mission.

“He was one of the key members who helped us receive the ammunition flight on Saturday evening,” said Marine Corps 1st Lt. Sophie Funderburk, the assistant logistics officer with BSRF-14. “[The Marines] didn’t finish unloading and storing the ammunition, 16 Air Force pallets in total, until about 1 p.m. the next day. With the weather conditions as bad as they were, he kept a pretty positive attitude the entire time.”

During the delivery temperatures at Mihail Kogalniceanu dropped as low as 5 below zero, accompanied by harsh winds and snowfall.

Wars explained that receiving this ammunition, unloading it, and storing it in the correct place has prepared the next unit for the ammunition portion of their logistical needs, as compared to them having to do it themselves.

“It’s important for the next BSRF,” Wars said. “We’re setting them up for success with all of the ranges and training that they need to do.”

Marine Corps Staff Sgt. David Childress, the embarkation chief with BSRF-14, said Wars is an exceptional Marine.

“He is not a materialistic type of person,” Childress said. “I think putting him up for things like awards will just show him that he’s doing a good job. Whether he won or not, he’s still squared away, he still does his job and he’s still motivated.”

Like Childress, Funderburk agreed that Wars is a well-rounded Marine who takes initiative and can be counted on to accomplish the task at hand.

“He’s one of the best Marines I have,” Funderburk said of Wars. He’s incredibly respectful and professional. He gets his work done and doesn’t complain or question things.

““The ammunition flights were a good example of this because the weather,” she continued. “The time and duration in which they were out there affected a lot of the Marines, but he’s a Marine that just puts his head down and gets it done, and that’s a priceless quality.”

Wars said he’s accomplished many things throughout his career and during his deployment with BSRF-14. Despite his outstanding performance, Wars remains humble and recognizes that his diligence and dedication is what has brought him success.

Whether it be planning to move things from point A to point B, assisting in a large ammunition delivery, or simply being the best Marines and sailors they can be, personnel with BSRF-14 are continuing to set the bar on what it means to have outstanding leadership, warrior spirits, esprit de corps, teamwork and the leadership traits and principles that make the Marine Corps the best fighting force in the nation.


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