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Tips Lead Coalition Forces to IED Factory

American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, May 21, 2006 – Based on tips, coalition forces located and killed six terrorists, detained three and destroyed a safe house and multiple weapons caches in Ramadi during a search May 17 for a wanted terrorist known as the "Prince of IEDs," military officials in Baghdad reported today.

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During a search in Ramadi May 17 for a wanted terrorist known as the "Prince of IEDs," coalition forces seized a civilian pickup truck filled with weapons, including machine guns, one rocket-propelled grenade launch tube, six RPG rounds, a suicide vest, an AK-47 assault rifle and a DSHKA heavy machine gun used for anti-aircraft.

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The troops began taking fire immediately upon their arrival at the site where the al Qaeda leader and his associates were allegedly building improvised explosive devices.

During the course of the fighting, the troops took direct fire from various areas. They neutralized the threat with small-arms fire, killing six and detaining three terrorists, one of whom was wounded and medically evacuated.

The troops ultimately destroyed the identified safe house, which contained a large amount of lethal material, with precision bombs.

The forces also attacked a second safe haven, neutralizing the threat by ground and damaging the structure with air strikes.

After securing the targeted safe house, the troops found one heavy machine gun, two medium machine guns, rifles, a pistol, artillery shells, IED material, large oxygen tanks configured as IEDs, a suicide vest, rocket propelled grenades and one launcher.

Large amounts of discarded automobile parts were also present in the structure further, indicating that cars were likely being configured into vehicle-borne IEDs in keeping with the tips provided to coalition forces.

Also, troops discovered equipment and material used for making remote-controlled IEDs. The terrorists' equipment, weapons and ammunition were destroyed by ground charges and air strikes.

The troops also found an unharmed 8-year-old boy inside the safe house after they either killed or detained the terrorists. He told the soldiers he was being held against his will by these terrorists who abused and made him conduct minor tasks.

The forces took the boy to their base, provided care, and then arranged for transportation to take him back to his residence.

The targeted " Prince of IEDs" is reported to be a financier, an IED maker and a bomb facilitator for al Qaeda in Iraq in Ramadi.

Coalition forces are currently assessing the identities of the dead and detained.

One terrorist received a gunshot wound to his shoulder and was evacuated to a medical facility for further treatment.

(Based on a Multinational Force Iraq news release.)

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Click photo for screen-resolution imageAn AK-47 rifle and one suicide vest were discovered inside a civilian pickup truck seized during a May 17 search in Ramadi for a wanted terrorist known as the "Prince of IEDs."  
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Click photo for screen-resolution imageDuring a search in Ramadi May 17 for a wanted terrorist known as the "Prince of IEDs," coalition forces seized various improvised explosive-device-making materials, including artillery shells, a high-power cordless phone system attached to external power supply, and large oxygen tanks configured as IEDs  
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