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U.S., Afghan Security Forces Battle Insurgents

American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, Aug. 14, 2005 – Three insurgents were killed and two Afghan National Police were injured during a firefight that occurred near the city of Deh Rahwod in southern Afghanistan's Uruzgan province on Aug. 12.

The battle occurred when Afghan and U.S. forces patrolling the area encountered an unknown number of enemy combatants.

"Afghan and U.S. forces are experiencing tremendous success against the enemies of Afghanistan," said Combined Joint Task Force 76 Command Sgt. Maj. Luniasolua Savusa.

The two injured Afghan police were evacuated to a nearby base for treatment. One enemy combatant was detained during the incident. A light machine gun and rocket-propelled grenade were confiscated.

"While we would prefer to spend more of our energies on reconstruction efforts," Savusa said, "we cannot do that until this nation is free of enemy combatants."

Afghans and coalition forces "will continue to bring the fight to the enemies of peace, to not let up and to ensure Afghans across this nation have a safe and secure future," the sergeant major said.

And one enemy combatant was killed Aug. 12 during an attack south of Kabul when an IED detonated as an Afghan and U.S. military convoy was passing by.

There were no Afghan or U.S. forces casualties and only minor damage occurred to one military vehicle as a result of the action.

Seven to 10 individuals with small arms and RPGs had fired on the convoy, according to a coalition official. The attackers fled after being engaged by Afghan forces and U.S. paratroopers with the 1st Battalion, 325 Infantry Regiment.

"The paratroopers of the 1/325 came here to assist Afghanistan security forces in ensuring there is a successful election. This activity shows they are doing just that," said Army Lt. Col. Jerry O'Hara, CJTF 76 spokesman.

"Afghan and U.S. forces are going to continue working together to ensure that Afghanistan is safe and secure," he said.

(Compiled from Combined Forces Command Afghanistan press releases.)

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