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Iraqi Soldiers, Police Score Victories Against Terrorists

American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, Oct. 22, 2006 – Iraqi soldiers and police chalked up a series of victories in recent anti-terrorist operations conducted across the country, according to U.S. military officials.

First, Iraqi soldiers captured several suspected members of insurgent and  murder and kidnapping cells, including the alleged leader of an al Qaeda in  Iraq cell, during a series of early morning raids across Baghdad Oct. 20.

Iraqi forces, with coalition advisers, conducted three separate raids and  detained eight suspects believed responsible for sectarian murders and  kidnappings, as well as improvised explosive device attacks on Iraqi and  coalition forces.

In a raid in the Adhamiyah area of Baghdad, Iraqi soldiers detained two  suspects responsible for sectarian attacks against civilians and indirect  fire attacks against Iraqi and coalition forces.

In two other Oct. 20 raids in southwestern Baghdad, special Iraqi army  forces detained four suspected terrorists involved in IED, rocket-propelled grenade and small-arms fire attacks against Iraqi and coalition forces. Two persons suspected of sectarian attacks against Iraqi civilians were also detained.

One operation occurred in the vicinity of the Al Mluki Mosque in the  Monsour district of Baghdad. Iraqi and coalition forces did not enter the  mosque and didn't cause any damage to it. There were no civilian, Iraqi  forces or coalition forces casualties.

The raids were conducted as part of Operation Together Forward with the goal  of disrupting terror cells that kill innocent Iraqi citizens and attack  government forces.

In other news, special Iraqi security forces captured two terrorists and killed two others during a raid near Taji on Oct. 19.

Iraqi forces, with coalition advisers, conducted an air-assault raid looking  for five al Qaeda in Iraq-linked terrorists allegedly responsible for the  kidnapping and murder of Iraqi citizens and conducting IED attacks in the Taji area. The suspects had outstanding Ministry of Interior arrest warrants.

Iraqi forces entered the objective and encountered three male local  citizens. One man immediately surrendered. Another man grabbed a pistol. He  was shot and killed by the assault force. A third man, sitting behind the  second man, was wounded in the exchange.

Coalition medics rendered first aid to the wounded man. As Iraqi forces  continued to clear the objective, a second male citizen was shot and killed  after he grabbed a rifle and made threatening gestures. The four persons  were identified as the wanted terrorists. The Iraqi force returned to base  with two detainees.

Additionally, Iraqi police remained vigilant after beating back an insurgent  attack in Mosul on Oct. 19.

Al Qaeda in Iraq forces employed two suicide truck bombs against the Abi  Tamaam Police Station in eastern Mosul early on Oct. 19. The first truck bomb  exploded near the station's entry control point, blowing down protective  walls and creating a sizeable crater in the road. The second truck, unable  to penetrate the police station's perimeter due to the crater and debris left over from the first truck bomb, detonated in the street.

The attack killed 10 Iraqi civilians and one Iraqi policeman, while nine police and 15 civilians were wounded. Two insurgents were killed in the attack.

"The Iraqi police took the brunt and stood their ground," said Col. Steve Townsend, commander, 3rd Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 2nd Infantry Division, Task Force Lightning. "We're immensely proud of their resilience."

Later in the morning two other suicide truckers blew up their vehicles during an attack on U.S. troops. Two U.S. soldiers were wounded and two Stryker vehicles were damaged from the explosion. The wounded soldiers were treated and returned to duty. Two insurgents were killed in the attack.

Iraqi soldiers and coalition troops supported the Iraqi police, who had faced insurgents' indirect and small-arms fire throughout the morning. A coalition engineer team was dispatched to the police station to remove the destroyed vehicles, repair the road, and rebuild the wall.

"We wanted to show our solidarity after their heroic stand," Townsend said.

(Compiled from Multinational Corps Iraq press releases.)

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