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Iraqi Police Class Graduates to Join Officers on Patrol

American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, Nov. 20, 2005 – As part of the Iraqi government's ongoing effort to train its security forces, officials announced today that the Iraqi Police Service graduated 217 police officers from advanced and specialty courses at the Baghdad Police College on Nov.17.

Sixty officers graduated from the Basic Criminal Investigations course, 25 graduated from the Advanced Criminal Investigations course, 24 officers graduated from an Interview and Interrogations course and 25 graduated from a Violent Crime Investigation course. Also, 21 officers graduated from the Critical Incident Management course, 19 from the Criminal Intelligence course, 14 senior officers graduated from the First Line Supervision course, 10 from the Executive Leadership course and 19 from the Counter Terrorism Investigations course.

The Basic Criminal Investigation course covers topics such as theft, burglary, arson, robbery, sexual offenses, and homicide investigation. Participants also receive instruction and hands-on training in fingerprinting, photography, tool marks, and plaster casting techniques. Officials say that, to date, some 2,738 Iraqi police officers have completed the Basic Criminal Investigation course

The Advanced Criminal Investigation course provides participants with advanced investigative techniques for a variety of situations, particularly homicide investigations, kidnapping, terrorism, and bombings. This course has graduated 141 students to date, officials say.

The Interview and Interrogations course covers advanced interviewing and interrogation techniques - including instruction on the preservation and protection of human rights and the importance of ethical behavior during interviews and interrogations. To date, 804 students have completed this course, officials say.

The Violent Crime Investigation course introduces participants to investigative techniques for a variety of situations, particularly violent crimes involving armed robbery, rape and murder. Thus far, some 806 students have graduated from the course, officials say.

Critical Incident Management is designed to provide participants with the ability to manage critical incidents. Some 653 students have graduated from this course, officials say.

The Criminal Intelligence course provides training in the planning, collection, analysis and distribution of intelligence information. This course also teaches participants to recognize trends that may have an impact on public safety and security. To date, there are some 561 graduates of this course, officials say.

First-Line Supervision focuses on major leadership areas for front-line supervisors, including human rights training, ethics and corruption, policing in a democracy, and interpersonal skills that are critical to effective leadership. To date, 521 students have graduated from this course, officials say.

Executive Leadership covers executive-level concepts of planning, organizing, staffing, directing, coordinating, reporting and budgeting. Other topics include visionary leadership, organizational values, interpersonal communication skills, motivational techniques and strategies, and strategic planning. Some 421 officers have graduated from this course, officials say.

Counter Terrorism Investigations is designed for senior police officials who will be assigned to counter terrorist activity investigation. The course explains the counter-terrorism role played by the FBI and various divisions within the U.S. Justice Department. To date, 239 officers have graduated from this course, officials say.

Officers who participated in these courses previously completed either an eight-week basic training course for new recruits or a three-week 'transitional integration program' designed for prior service officers. Officials say the new Iraqi police officers will immediately report back to their respective stations for continued duty.

Iraqi police officers are playing an important role in securing Iraq from terrorists and criminals. For example, they responded to a Nov. 18 detonation of an improvised explosive device in Kirkuk. The Iraqi police detained four suspects at the scene. Officials say these suspects subsequently tested positive for explosive residue on their body.

A joint Iraqi-American coalition patrol discovered the IED; however, it detonated before an explosive ordnance disposal team could arrive on the scene. The blast did not cause any injuries or damage.

Officials say a suspicious vehicle left the scene with the Iraqi patrol in pursuit. The vehicle eventually stopped and the driver tried to flee, but patrol members caught him. He is being detained for further questioning.

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