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Officials Identify al Qaeda Forger Captured; Air Strikes Kill Two Terrorists

American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, Nov. 10, 2005 – Coalition forces captured a senior member of a terrorist "media cell" in Baghdad several weeks ago, U.S. military officials in Baghdad announced today.

Acting on multiple intelligence sources and tips from concerned citizens, coalition troops raided a suspected al Qaeda safe house in Baghdad Oct. 23 and captured Amjed Ammin Mahmud, aka Abu Hassan, a senior terrorist media cell member and document forger.

Initially, Abu Hassan's duties were to take videos and digitize them to CD's for distribution to various terrorist groups. These videos were used to recruit terrorists and foreign fighters, as well as to provide information on potential targets to other terrorists. They also were downloaded to various Jihadist Web sites.

Eventually, his duties evolved to making false identifications. Hassen admited to making weapon permits, identification cards and press credentials for various al Qaeda terrorists in Iraq, including senior terrorist leaders in Baghdad.

These identification were used by terrorists to conceal their true identities if stopped by Iraqi security and coalition forces. They also provided a way to openly carry weapons while conducting terrorist activities, including attacks, kidnappings, and murders.

Additionally, the false press badges allowed terrorists access to situations in which they could study targets while posing as news media representatives. That access also allowed them to pose as reporters while filming the aftermath of terrorist attacks, which they then used as terrorist propaganda.

Abu Hassen has also been linked to Dr. Mushin, a kidnapping cell leader and weapons dealer who was captured in June. Abu Hassen admits to coordinating with Mushin to procure weapons for use by various terrorist cells operating in Baghdad, officials said.

Coalition forces also today identified two al Qaeda leaders killed by an air strike on two safe houses in Husaybah Nov. 2. They are:

  • Asadallah, a senior al Qaeda in Iraq terrorist leader and foreign-fighter facilitator in the Husaybah area. Asadallah commanded several terrorist and foreign-fighter cells in the Husaybah and Qaim region. He also coordinated funneling and distributing foreign fighters from Syria into the Husaybah area and their employment as suicide bombers responsible for numerous suicide bombings in the region. He also directed, planned and executed many terrorist attacks on Iraqi security and coalition forces.
  • Abu Zahra, a close associate of the current al Qaeda in Iraq "emir of Husaybah." As a close personal friend and confidant to the so-called emir of Husaybah, Abu Zahra acted as an assistant, helping run the day-to-day activities of the terrorist organization. Abu Zahra took an active role in planning and coordinating attacks against Iraqi security and coalition forces. He also reportedly provided logistical support for various terrorist cells in the area, including providing weapons and ammunition, and arranging housing and money for foreign fighters and terrorists operating in the area.

(Compiled from Multinational Force Iraq news releases.)

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