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Two Soldiers Wounded in IED Attack

American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, Nov. 29, 2004 – Two coalition soldiers were slightly wounded following the detonation of an improvised explosive devise outside of a local police compound near Orgun-e in Afghanistan Nov. 28.

Military officials reported the IED, made from an anti-tank mine, destroyed one armored Humvee.

The injured soldiers were treated and released, and the attack is under investigation.

In a separate incident, local citizens led police to an IED and eight mortar rounds located in two separate places. Another cache containing 70 mortars, 80 120 mm rockets and 45 cases of 12.7 mm machine-gun ammunition was turned in to coalition soldiers near Kabul.

Elsewhere, local police officers and a local citizen turned in two weapons caches near Ghazni Nov. 27.

The first cache contained two boxes of ammunitions, four 107 mm rockets, 29 machine-gun rounds, two 120 mm mortar rounds, five 82 mm mortar rounds, one 100 mm artillery round, and 10 improvised explosive device grenades.

The second cache turned in by a local Afghan contained 200 rocket-propelled- grenade boosters, 14 RPG rounds, one 75 mm rocket, 25 82 mm mortar rounds, two 107 mm rockets, 17 boxes of 12.7 mm rounds, 20 boxes of 14.5 mm rounds, and a spare 12.7 mm barrel.

Both caches will be destroyed at a later date, officials said.

(Compiled from Combined Forces Command Afghanistan news releases.)

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