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DoD Receives Rave Reviews from 'Military One Source' Users

By Rudi Williams
American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, July 1, 2004 – "Phenomenal" is what a senior defense official calls feedback the Defense Department is getting from people who use the "Military One Source" program to help solve problems, no matter how big, how small or how complicated.

Each service operated its own "One Source" program until DoD recently combined them under one roof. Military One Source is touted as the place to go whenever or wherever service members or family members need quick, professional assistance with any kind of problem. The service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, according to John Molino, deputy undersecretary of defense for military community and family policy.

Molino said he is pleased with the responses his office receives from people who use Military One Source. Here a few of those comments:

A letter from "Thank You!!" read, "The only thing I can say about this service is that IT IS GREAT! I will definitely use the service again and will recommend it to other military families in my situation. With my husband deployed for nine months in Kuwait, and an impending move, your quick answers and advice were my only port in a storm." A Marine Corps first sergeant wrote: "I went to the brief last week in Pennsylvania. When I returned I gave my staff of 13 a list of problems/situations; some real, some not; to take to MCCS (Marine Corps Community Services) One Source. A few of them called One Source, a few researched themselves through the Web site, and a few used e-mail, such as myself.

"All of them had nothing but good to say about this program/resource," the first sergeant continued. "Even the Marines who usually have nothing good to say. They all reported extremely professional and quick service. I did this for their own good, but will use it as a proof during our upcoming pre-deployment brief/family day. Thank you for the brief and the hard work." The wife of an Army officer wrote: "I just wanted to let you know that as a military wife, and as an officer's wife, I was very, very happy. I was beyond happy because this was done quickly and it was something I could do for myself in the civilian sector and I didn't need to answer any unnecessary questions." She went on to say that One Source provided her with immediate information and immediate assistance. "I am completely and utterly grateful for that," the wife wrote. "Thank you so very much. You all do a wonderful job. This was a great gift for me."

A soldier expressed his appreciation for One Source this way: "I used Army One Source service to find a reputable mechanic. I think it's a great resource to help military personnel. It really helps them to get assimilated into the community without having to do a lot of research beforehand." He added that he sees it as a good resource for people who have just arrived at a new duty station.

"It helps them to get to know the community, just like the other people who have lived there so long who already know of the good and bad places," the soldier continued. "Keep it up! I will definitely give this number out to my troops; I think it's a great resource." An Air Force spouse expressed gratitude for the quick responses she received about her problem. "The follow-up phone calls were terrific," she wrote. "Before I was sent material, a representative called me to ensure that I was sent exactly what I needed. I also received a phone call to ensure I was satisfied with the materials I received."

An Army spouse wrote: "I really like the warmth and empathy of the woman on the other end. It was hard for me to even reach out for help. To not have a rejecting or condemning, judgmental voice was awesome. That made me want to pursue getting the help that we desperately needed. So thank you again for whoever that was. They were really warm, friendly and understanding." A Marine Corps spouse said she sincerely appreciated the response time, the general care, the understanding and the hard work. "If my consultant did not know something, he would work on it until he found the answer," she said. "I appreciate that type of dedication and response."

She pointed out that it's hard for families and loved ones left behind when Marines are deployed. "Having this type of service to help me was a true blessing, and my consultant was truly a marvel," she continued. "Thank you for giving me and all the families I am in contact with, somewhere we can go to get answers."

An Hawaii-based Navy chief petty officer wrote: "The service was excellent. The rep that I spoke with was very professional and very expeditious in helping me with my need for something. I completed a form per the Navy's instructions, but with no knowledge as to how to forward them. She was able to get the information to me in a rapid rate that has actually saved me countless hours of time and energy. Again, I want to give her a Bravo Zulu, as we say in the Navy, and a job well done."

A Navy recruiter wrote: "I thought the consultant was extremely helpful for me in a two-fold manner, both by pointing out what could be done and couldn't be done, but most of all she listened, which was probably the MOST helpful thing."

The toll-free number for Military One Source for callers in the United States is (800) 342-9647. International callers should call toll-free (800) 3429-6477 or the international collect number, (484) 530-5747.

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Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Military Community and Family Policy John Molino

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