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Jordanian King Reaffirms Commitment to Terror War

By Donna Miles
American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, May 6, 2004 – President Bush and Jordanian King Abdullah II vowed today to continue working together to rid the Middle East of terrorism and other threats to safety, freedom and prosperity in the region.

"The fall of Saddam Hussein removed a source of instability and intimidation from the heart of the Middle East," Bush told reporters during a joint White House news conference. "All of Iraq's neighbors, including Jordan, are safer now."

Bush said the emergence of a peaceful, prosperous and free Iraq will contribute to Jordan's security and prosperity. "Lasting prosperity requires lasting security and peace in the region," he said.

Abdullah told the president that Jordan "stands shoulder to shoulder with the United States and the international community in our common fight against terrorism."

"We cannot allow the terrorists' political agenda to succeed," the king continued. "And we assure you that Jordan will continue to do its utmost to help win this cause."

Abdullah pointed out that his country's proximity to Iraq makes it unfeasible for Jordan to send troops to Iraq now. But he said "Jordan is committed to support Iraqis in their quest to regain their sovereignty, rebuild their institutions and establish a society based on freedom and democracy."

Bush thanked Abdullah for insights he offered during the two leaders' meeting today. "He's in the neighborhood. He hears from people. He's constantly aware of what's going on on the ground. And his advice has been very good," the president said.

The king offered two valuable pieces of advice, Bush said: Ensure that Sunni Iraqis have a bright future in the new Iraq, and be sure to distinguish between those Iraqis whose ties have no place in the new Iraq and the many, many Iraqis who are honorable citizens and can be valuable partners in ensuring their country emerges as a free, contiguous country.

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