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President's Message to Service Members in Iraq

American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, Nov. 6, 2003 – President Bush sent the following message via the American Forces Radio and Television Service Nov. 5:

"It is my great privilege to speak to the men and women of the United States military in Iraq, and to thank you for your remarkable service to our country. You're serving far from home, but you are not alone. The American people are behind you. This nation knows the sacrifices you have made. Your families are proud of you, and I'm proud of you too.

"You're now deployed at the central front on the war on terror. And every day you're helping win the war on terror. You've toppled a cruel dictator; you've helped to liberate almost 25 million people; you've captured or killed thousands of terrorists and stopped dozens of planned attacks against the United States and our friends and allies.

"The world is safer and freedom is more secure because of our military. And our military is stronger because each of you volunteered to serve.

"Our mission in Iraq goes on and the war on terror is far from finished. The road ahead is difficult and dangerous, but I have complete confidence in you. And I know that America and our friends will prevail.

"Your efforts are helping to build a secure and stable Iraq, to spread freedom in the Middle East, and to make the world more peaceful for future generations.

"You have the respect of your commander in chief and the gratitude of the American people.

"Thank you, and may God bless you all."

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