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IED Attack in Fallujah Kills Soldier, Injures Three Others

American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, Sept. 15, 2003 – An 82nd Airborne Division soldier was killed and three others were wounded Sept. 14 in an improvised explosive device attack on their convoy in Fallujah, Iraq.

A U.S. Central Command news release reported the soldier who was killed died at the scene, and that the injured soldiers were evacuated to a nearby medical facility for treatment. The names of the soldiers are being withheld until their families are notified.

In other news reported by CENTCOM and the 101st Air Division in recent days, U.S. soldiers continue to find and confiscate weapons in Iraq.

The 101st reported Sept. 14 that an Iraqi citizen in Mosul, notified local police of a weapons cache in a cemetery. Investigating the tip, police found 16 rocket-propelled grenade rounds, an RPG launcher, a grenade without a fuse, 25 anti-armor heads and two rocket attachments.

On Sept. 11, the 101st Airborne Division's 3rd Brigade Combat Team detained a pair of Iraqi brothers in Mosul for weapons violations, according to a CENTCOM news release. Tipped off by a local citizen, the 2nd Battalion, 187th Infantry Regiment sent a quick-reaction force to the house where the tipster said weapons would be found.

Confronted by the soldiers a man who was in the house admitted to having weapons, and he brought out an RPG. Soldiers searched the house and found two RPGs with boosters, 25 rounds of 14 mm anti-aircraft ammunition and six AK-47 assault rifle magazines.

The day before, soldiers of the 1st Brigade Combat Team detained six Iraqis after the men, in a van and on a motorcycle, tried to run through a checkpoint near the towns of Saff at Tuth and Talul an Nasir. When soldiers found an AK-47 in the van, they took the men to Qayyarrah West Airfield for questioning, CENTCOM reported.

The men gave conflicting stories, but did disclose their hometowns. A town leader in Talul an Nasir showed U.S. soldiers where two of the men lived.

Soldiers searched the home and found two AK-47s, a mortar sight, three loaded magazines, a periscope, two gas masks, a mine detector, two camouflage jackets, a pistol belt, an improvised detonator, a box of shotgun flares, a flare gun, and a four-barrel anti-aircraft gun.

The search also yielded three Ministry of Defense identification cards, a passport and 5,250,000 dinar in cash.

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