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Clinton Signs DoD Funding Bill; Stops Furlough Threat

By Rudi Williams
American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, Dec. 14, 1995 – Failure of the Clinton administration and congressional leaders to forge a balanced budget agreement by Dec. 15 could cause another government shutdown, but it won't affect Defense Department employees.

President Clinton signed the Department of Defense Appropriations Bill, Nov. 30. Therefore, DoD employees will not be furloughed if there is a shutdown.

"This bill provides for a strong national defense, supports our commitments to the quality of life of our forces and their families, maintains high military readiness and funds investment programs necessary to modernize the equipment used by our combat forces," Clinton said.

Clinton decided to approve the bill after reaching an agreement with congressional leaders to provide funding for the troop deployment and other efforts to secure peace in Bosnia.

"The pressing demands of peace and of our military servicemen and women compel my approval of this measure," the president said.

But he voiced some reservations about some aspects of the bill. "I have expressed my strong concerns that this legislation contains excessive spending for projects that are not currently needed for our defense," Clinton said.

He's said he's also concerned about language in the bill that could interfere or impede the United States' ability to support international peacekeeping or humanitarian missions.

"I remain very concerned about provisions of the act that restrict servicewomen and female dependents of military personnel from obtaining privately funded abortions in military facilities overseas, except in cases in which the mother's life is endangered or the pregnancy is the result of rape or incest. In many countries, these U.S. facilities provide the only accessible, safe source for these medical services."

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