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DFAS Lane Provides Wealth of Information

By Catherine Ferguson
National Guard Bureau

WASHINGTON, March 5, 1997 – Over 175,000 Defense Finance and Accounting Service customers a month are finding answers to their pay questions and other DFAS-related questions right at their fingertips.

In January 1996, the service launched DFAS Lane (www.dfas.mil), a World Wide Web site devoted to providing information about the Defense Finance and Accounting Service and a means to address subject matter experts in the field. After more than a year, DFAS Lane sometimes sees as many as 10,000 customer "hits" a day.

At its inception, DFAS Lane was primarily a library of general information about the agency. Users could access press releases, biographies of key leaders and selected information about systems and policies.

Today, a greater wealth of information is also available on DFAS Lane. The site links to the latest electronic versions of the Department of Defense financial management regulations as well as the most current travel and housing allowances. DFAS Magazine is available in a special on-line format that will be on the web almost a month before the printed version is published.

DFAS also developed a Vendor Information Page on DFAS Lane, allowing vendors in the Denver Center network to obtain the latest information on their vendor payments by entering their invoice number and a personal identification number into an online application. The finance service is enhancing this application and will expand it to include all vendor payment accounts.

The vendor page is the type of easy to use application that represents the future of the site. Users will be able to access the latest information, perhaps even leave and earnings statements, without leaving their homes. Prospective employees will be able to view job opportunities at any DFAS location, and the most current agency publications such as the DFAS Customer Service Plan and the Chief Financial Officer's Plan will also be available.

In the past, users submitted questions to one e-mail address. Now, DFAS has a number of e-mail links to handle specific types of inquiries such as Army active duty pay, retired pay and vendor pay. To date, the finance service has fielded over 1,000 inquiries from the web site.

(Ferguson is the public affairs officer with the Defense Finance and Accounting Service)

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