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NATO and Non-NATO Nations Form Peace Coalition

American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, Dec. 15, 1995 – NATO and non-NATO nations are contributing forces to Operation Joint Endeavor, NATO's peace implementation force for Bosnia. According to DoD officials, the following nations are participating:

NATO Nation            Anticipated Contribution

Belgium                300

  Approximately 300 logistics and engineer troops. In addition,

  approximately 700 troops in U.N. Croatia for the eastern Slavonia

  force will likely remain.

Canada                 1,500

  One battalion of up to 1,000 personnel will be deployed, probably in

  the British sector. Another 370 air and naval support will be in

  theater and about 160 will provide indirect support outside of the area.

Denmark                800

  One infantry battalion of 800 troops will participate in the Nordic

  Brigade. Elements currently in Bosnia will transfer authority.

France                 7,500-10,000

  About 7,500 current forces in the U.N. Protective Force will transfer

  authority to NATO's implementation force. About 2,500 additional

  troops outside of Bosnia for support such as air-sea lift. French

  troops will command the eastern Bosnia sector, including Sarajevo.

Germany                4,000

  Combat support role in Croatia, primarily Split, Zadar and Sibenik,

  including transportation battalion, engineer battalion, logistics

  battalion, army flying regiment and a medical brigade. About 2,600

  will be ground forces in Croatia.

Greece                 1,000

  Up to 1,000 personnel, probably a transportation unit with some

  engineer support. One frigate, two minesweepers and two C-130

  aircraft have been offered.

Italy                  2,200

  Parliamentary approval to send a reinforced infantry brigade (the

  Garibaldi Brigade - mechanized with special paratrooper forces,

  military police, armor, fire support, logistics and medical) plus

  continued air and naval participation. San Marco Battalion (naval

  infantry) in reserve. Will deploy in the French sector, under

  a French Division.

Luxembourg             300

  DoD officials anticipate a company-sized contribution.

The Netherlands        2,060

  One mechanized infantry battalion and perhaps a tank squadron

  (six-seven Leopard tanks). Will operate with a British brigade in

  the United Kingdom Sector. Also likely to continue air element.

Norway                 750

  Represents forces currently in the U.N. Protective Force likely to

  participate in Nordic Brigade. Would include engineering company,

  military police company, medical company, and logistics battalion.

Portugal               900

  Will deploy its Independent Airborne Battalion with 192 vehicles,

  of which 25 are armored. Battalion will be integrated into the

  Italian brigade under a French division.

Spain                  1,000-1,500

  DoD officials anticipate a 1,000-1,500 reinforced battalion contribution.

Turkey                 1,300

  Will provide a reinforced battalion for operations in the U.S. sector.

United Kingdom         13,000

  Builds on U.N. Protective Force troops. The United Kingdom will

  command the western sector.

Nordic Brigade: 4,500

  Made up of units from:

  - Denmark:            Headquarters, infantry battalion and tactical air control

  - Finland:            Infantry battalion

  - Norway:             Engineer company, logistics battalion, military police company, medical company

  - Poland:             Infantry battalion

  - Sweden:             Infantry battalion

Non-NATO Participants:

  - Austria:            300-man transport/engineer unit

  - Czech Republic:     850 troop combat battalion

  - Estonia:            Probably send one platoon

  - Finland:            850 troop battalion for Nordic Brigade

  - Hungary:            500-man engineer (bridging) unit

  - Latvia:             One platoon

  - Lithuania:          One platoon

  - Pakistan:           Expect 1,000

  - Poland:             600-troop battalion for Nordic Brigade

  - Romania:            Offered host nation support and possibly mineclearing

  - Russian Federation: 1,500-2,500 troops

  - Slovakia:           406-man engineer battalion

  - Sweden:             807-troop battalion for Nordic Brigade

  - Ukraine:            500-man infantry battalion

Potential Non-Nato Participants

  - Bangladesh:         1,250 in U.N. Protection Force

  - Bulgaria:                Expressed interest

  - Egypt:                       Expressed interest

  - Malaysia:           U.N. Protection Force participant

  - New Zealand:        Small contribution in Rapid Reaction Force

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