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U.S. Military Working to Help Afghan Civilians

By Kathleen T. Rhem
American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, Nov. 8, 2002 – The U.S. military is working hard to improve the living conditions of Afghan civilians, the Pentagon spokeswoman said today.

Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs Torie Clarke outlined some of these humanitarian works today in a Pentagon press briefing.

Clarke said that "within just the last few days" U.S. military forces from various units within Afghanistan have: 

  • Provided medical care for 1,400 civilians half of them children in Kandahar; 


  • Treated 900 civilians in northeast Afghanistan for minor medical conditions and gave check-ups and vaccinations to 700 sheep in the area; 


  • Repaired the offices of the Afghan Women's Organization, which provides business opportunities and assistance to Afghan women; and 


  • Repaired an Afghan government warehouse that stores food for Afghan refugees in the Paktia area.

Clarke also noted U.S. forces are currently repairing 11 girls' schools, a nursing school and a women's hospital.

She said such work shows that America is not at war with the Muslim religion, just those people that plan and carry out terrorist attacks and those that protect the terrorists.

"The global war on terror is not a war against any people or any religion," Clarke said "It is a struggle between the forces of freedom and those who seek to spread hatred and fear here and in the Muslim world.

"The United States is a friend to the Muslim people and all people of every race and every religion who seek freedom from tyranny and oppression."

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