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Do You Know -- Independence Day

National Guard Bureau

WASHINGTON, June 24, 1998 – How did the 13 Colonies vote on the Declaration of Independence?

Nine voted yes; two, no; one, undecided; one abstained

Where was the first public reading of the Declaration?Philadelphia’s Independence Square

(July 8, 1776)

What two former presidents died on July 4, 1826?

Thomas Jefferson and John Adams

Where was the Declaration of Independence stored during World War II?

In the bullion depository at Ft. Knox, Ky.

(Moved from Washington, D.C., for security reasons)

When did we start celebrating Independence Day with parades and fireworks?

In the early 1800s

What year did the Fourth of July become a legal holiday?


What's one reason sparklers are unsafe fireworks for children?

They burn at 1800 degrees Fahrenheit

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