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WASHINGTON, Aug. 21, 1998 –  

What college football conference was originally known as the Missouri Valley Intercollegiate Athletic Association?

The Big 12 (Original five members: Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri and  Washington University at St. Louis)


Name the most recent major league baseball player to break the 500 mark for career home runs.

Eddie Murray, Baltimore Orioles (1996)


Rickey Henderson continues to add stolen bases to his major league record. Who is currently second in career stolen bases for active baseball players?

New York Yankee Tim Raines


Name the first man and woman to win the New York City Marathon.

Gary Muhrcke (1970) and Beth Bonner (1981)


Of golf's "majors" (The British Open, the U.S. Open, the PGA and the Masters), which is always played at the same course?

The Masters is annually played on Augusta (Ga.) National


What Little League baseball team claimed the first Little League World Series in 1947?

Williamsport, Pa., defeated Lock Haven, Pa., 16-7.

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