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World Wide Web Loaded with Data about King's Legacy

By Rudi Williams
National Guard Bureau

WASHINGTON, Jan. 12, 1997 – Martin Luther King Jr.'s legacy still affects civil rights, human rights and other political issues in America and countries around the world, according to Steve Kline of the King Center for Nonviolent Social Change in Atlanta.

Computer users can explore King's legacy on many World Wide Web sites, including:

Pathfinder (http://pathfinder.com/@@inCsPQYAE5sy7iw/time/special/moy/1963.html) offers the Time magazine article, "Martin Luther King Jr., Man of the Year."

"The Martin Luther King You Don't See on TV" (http://www.igc.org:80/fair/media-beat/950104.html) points out the lack of media coverage of the civil rights leader between 1965 and 1968.

The Louisiana State University web site (http://www.lib.lsu.edu/lib/chem/display/srs218.html) features "Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., a biographical sketch," which includes information about his birth and family, education, honorary degrees, awards, publications, speeches and his death.

At http://members.aol.com/pforpeace/dir8.htm is information about the Martin Luther King Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change in Atlanta.

Stanford University (http://www-leland.stanford. edu/group/King/ or http://www-leland.stanford.edu:80/group/King/) reviews King's legacy on civil rights and other political issues in 1990s America and provides resources and links to other interesting sites related to the African-American freedom struggle.

Eastern Michigan University will observe the legacy and accomplishments of a national civil rights hero on its home page (http://www.emich.edu/public/nasa/martin.htm). The home page is designed to introduce people to the Martin Luther King Day celebration.

Martin Luther King Jr. -- American Civil Rights Leader 1929-1968 (http://www2.lucidcafe.com/lucidcafe/library/96jan/king.html) capsulizes King's life and gives locations of related Internet sites.

The Three Rivers Free-Net, Seattle Times Martin Luther King Jr. educational site (http://trfn.clpgh.org/Populations/afroamerican/king.html) features King's letter from Birmingham Jail and his "I Have a Dream" speech and links to other sites.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day/Black History Month (http:/www.lib.lsu.edu/lib/chem/display/mlk.html) offers selected reference sources from Louisiana State University libraries, Baton Rouge, La.

The WWW Martin Luther King Jr. listing at (http://www.mid.net/NET/PM-1995/95-10/95-10-27/0001.html) offers links to other information sites about King. (Editor's note: All WWW addresses were verified as live before this story was posted. If you delay publication or other use, you should reverify as web addresses change and disappear without notice.)

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