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Web Site Will Help A-76 Competitions

By Jim Garamone
American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, Dec. 1, 2000 – A new DoD Web site will help with A-76 competitions.

The SHARE A-76! Web site, at emissary.acq.osd.mil/inst/share.nsf, is "one-stop shopping for A-76 information," said Annie L. Andrews, assistant director for competitive sourcing and privatization. In A-76 competitions, in-house and the private sector compete to in order to be the selected service provider. The two factions have split competitions about 50-50 over the years, but the process continues to provide savings to DoD and the taxpayers regardless of who is selected as the service provider, Andrews said.

She called SHARE A-76! a 'Knowledge Management Site' that links to internal and external Web sites having anything to do with A-76. This is important for field technicians and employees involved in the cost comparison process, she said, because the process isn't easy to learn and most people go through it only once.

Andrews said the site can help field technicians who develop the various A-76 required documents. Contracting officers and personnel officers may also find it a useful resource for A-76 information. She hopes the field will use the Web site as a means to share best practices. She said one force behind Web site is to encourage technicians to submit good ideas about performing cost comparisons so technicians throughout DoD can learn from experience.

For example, an Army technician's A-76 best practice could help an Air Force or Navy technician do something better in their processes.

"It can also help policy people who want to look at the most recent Office of Management and Budget policy update as well as recent bid protest decisions made by the General Accounting Office. Intelligent, sophisticated search tools allow users to browse and access a myriad of materials related to A-76 topics. "If you want to search on performance work statements it will search all the links and all the documents," Andrews said. "It's designed for multiple organizational levels, but it's mainly focused on helping that field technician who needs it most to assist them or improve their process."

A site visitor will see the cost comparison process model and from public announcement to the decision. Other site features include the services' A-76 regulations, OMB and DoD policies and procedures "Another nifty feature is the 'What's Hot' on the site which is where the Competitive Sourcing Office posts the latest DoD information regarding the program," she said.

Prime contractor Arthur Andersen has been developing the site for the past year at a cost under $800,000.

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