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WWW.Huh?: MTMC Web Site Leads to Wealth of Moving Information

By Rudi Williams
American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, May 15, 2001 – The Military Traffic Management Command's detailed and easy-to-read Web pages help service members, movers and transportation personnel find up-to- date information about the world of personal property shipments.

The Web site address is www.mtmc.army.mil/. Originally established in 1996, it provides essential information about moving everything from household goods to privately owned vehicles, boats, mobile homes and pets. Every day, up to 500 service members, civilian employees and their dependents, military travel offices and moving companies around the world tap the site.

Hank Spieler, chief of MTMC's domestic and international rates, said the household goods shipment system isn't sophisticated enough to trace the location of household goods. However, service members can find the location of their belongings by calling the carrier.

"Since this is a totally new format and an automated system, we'll make periodic changes and enhancements," Spieler noted. "If anyone experiences any problems with the new system, they should send a message to the e-mail address on the Web site.

"The transportation and movement of household goods and POVs is very important to service members and their families, but so is communications," he said. "By having this new site we're making communications available to everybody -- the service member, civilian employees, transportation offices and the carriers."

Much of the site content is technical -- references and policy for moving contractors and transportation offices. However, Spieler said, the Web site links to others where all users can get forms, information from finance and the per diem office for every branch of the services, including the Coast Guard.

The new site has nine listings -- latest updates, domestic advisory, international advisory, personal property, carrier approval, nontemporary storage, privately owned vehicles, personal property shipments information and personal property consignment instruction guide.

The 27-page "It's Your Move" pamphlet is a service member's relocation almanac of rules, checklists, instructions, allowances and more. It can be viewed and downloaded while navigating the MTMC site or directly at www.usapa.army.mil/pdffiles/p55_2.pdf.

An informative, downloadable 43-page pamphlet titled "Shipping Your POV" is available while navigating the MTMC Web site or directly at www.mtmc.army.mil/CONTENT/8808/DBCN8808.pdf. The MTMC site links to the POV tracking system, but the direct jump address is www.whereismypov.com/. You have to key in your orders number, Social Security number and last name to access the tracking system.

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