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Troops Kill Terrorist, Detain 10 in Northern Iraq

American Forces Press Service

BAGHDAD, April 14, 2008 – Coalition forces killed one terrorist and detained 10 suspects in operations across northern Iraq yesterday.

-- South of Beiji, coalition forces targeted suspects in a bombing network that covers a swath of Iraq from Tikrit to Anbar province. One man was killed and two captured.

-- In Mosul, forces caught one man believed to be associated those bringing foreign fighters into Iraq. Also in Mosul forces captured a reported al-Qaida leader wanted for coordinating attacks against Iraqi and coalition forces. Another suspect was captured during that operation.

-- Forces captured four suspects in Rabiyah, northwest of Tal Afar.

In operations across Iraq on April 12:

--Five al-Qaida in Iraq members were killed and two others wounded during an air assault by the Iraqi police and coalition forces at a camp in the western desert of the Salahuddin. During the raid, one terrorist detonated a suicide vest, killing himself. Forces found hand grenades, mortar rounds, detonation cord, propellant, 60 mm rockets, blasting caps, and a suicide vest at the site.

--In Mosul, a car bomber hit an Iraqi army checkpoint killing a child and wounding eight Iraqis. The injured were taken to a nearby medical facility. The driver was wounded but not killed.

--A Baghdad air weapons team killed two suspects emplacing improvised explosive devices in New Baghdad. The team saw four criminals emplacing the bombs. The team fired a Hellfire missile, destroying the IED and killing two. The other two escaped.

--In Sharqat, coalition forces wounded one suspected terrorist when he refused to stop the car he was driving as ordered. Forces fired on the car after the driver refused to stop. Anther man also was in the vehicle and was detained. He was unhurt.

--Coalition forces caught a suspected Iranian-trained “special groups” weapons facilitator northeast of Baghdad. He is suspected of attacks against coalition forces and Iraqi citizens.

--In Mosul and Sharqat, forces captured three wanted individuals suspected of helping terrorists link up with al-Qaida operations and leadership cells. Thirteen other suspects were detained in the operation.

--In Baghdad, forces captured three men suspected of involvement in the Baghdad car-bombing network.

--Coalition forces nabbed two suspects south of Kirkuk.

In operations across Iraq on April 11:

--Several terrorists were killed in eastern Baghdad after their convoy was attacked by multiple road-side bombs and small-arms fire. Two snipers were killed along with two others firing rocket-propelled grenades. At least nine others were reported killed in the battle.

--A coalition forces unmanned aerial vehicle killed six terrorists and injured one as they were firing mortars at Iraqi security forces. They were killed in the Hyanniyah district.

--Forces caught an alleged foreign-terrorist facilitator and three other suspects in northwestern Iraq. The wanted man is believed to be responsible for coordinating the movement of terrorists into Iraq from several countries.

--Eight suspects thought to be connected with improvised-explosive-device attacks, sectarian violence, and weapons smuggling in the Madain Qada area were caught southeast of Baghdad. During the operation, forces cleared 35 houses and confiscated several weapons and ammunition drums.

--The Iraqi Department of Border Enforcement found a large weapons cache in the eastern desert of Diyala province. The cache held more than 100 anti-personnel mines, as well as anti-tank mines and a 155 mm projectile.

--Coalition forces nabbed a key suspect in Jisr Diyala. The man is a known criminal leader responsible for improvised-explosive-device attacks, indirect-fire attacks, and weapons smuggling in the area.

Earlier, members of the Sons of Iraq citizen security group in Nine Nissan, a village east of Baghdad, led forces to a weapons cache. The cache held 18 rockets, 14 mortars, 10 105 mm shells, 10 103 mm shells, and two tank rounds.

(Compiled from Multinational Force Iraq and Multinational Corps Iraq releases.)

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