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Coalition Forces in Iraq Detain Suspects; Citizen Tips Continue

American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, July 15, 2008 – Coalition forces in Iraq continue to round up terrorism suspects while Iraqi citizens continue providing tips leading forces to weapons caches, military officials reported.

Coalition forces detained 15 suspected terrorists, including an alleged al-Qaeda in Iraq leader, during operations around Iraq today targeting bombing cells and foreign-terrorist facilitators.

An alleged terrorist leader is in custody after two different operations netted six suspected terrorists in Baghdad. Officials said the leader allegedly oversees bombing attacks in the southern belt around the city and is associated with several other al-Qaida in Iraq leaders. Forces also detained five additional suspected terrorists.

In Hawijah, about 60 kilometers southwest of Kirkuk, coalition forces captured a suspected foreign terrorist suspected of helping other foreign terrorists forge official documents to facilitate attacks. An alleged associate also was detained.

Coalition forces also detained two suspected terrorists believed to be involved with al-Qaida in Iraq.

Also today, coalition forces captured the Iranian-trained leader of an explosives cell in the Adhamiyah district of Baghdad. The leader is suspected of running a network of explosive experts and has been linked to attacks against Iraqi and coalition bases in Baghdad, officials said.

In operations yesterday:

-- Multinational Division Baghdad soldiers secured unexploded rounds discovered by Iraqi citizens and detained a suspected criminal at a checkpoint manned by the local “Sons of Iraq” citizen security group in the Zubaida community.

-- Multinational Division Baghdad soldiers detained a known criminal who is known for roadside-bomb attacks against coalition forces. With the help of local citizens, coalition forces later handed five 60 mm mortar rounds over to an explosive ordnance disposal team.

-- Baghdad citizens turned in munitions and weapons consisting of bomb-making materials, rocket-propelled grenades, sniper rifles, and rockets to Multinational Division Baghdad soldiers.

In a July 13 operation, Multinational Division Baghdad soldiers detained a criminal leader suspected of being a high-ranking officer in an Iranian-backed enemy group. He is believed to be involved with the transport of car bombs as well as weapons trafficking in the Kadamiyah security district of western Baghdad, officials said.

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