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Coalition Forces Kill Two Enemy Fighters, Detain 13

American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, Oct. 14, 2008 – Coalition forces targeting al-Qaida in Iraq operatives in northern and central Iraq yesterday and today killed two enemy fighters and detained 13 terrorism suspects, military officials reported.

In Chaft al Asha, southeast of Kirkuk, two enemy fighters were killed and three suspects were detained today during an operation targeting a wanted man believed to have connections to area al-Qaida leadership and roadside bomb operations. Upon arriving at the target building, ground forces called for the occupants to surrender. Two men with weapons ran out of the building. Coalition forces, perceiving hostile intent, killed them.

Just outside Mosul yesterday, coalition forces captured a wanted man who intelligence reports suggest is an explosives expert possibly involved in the movement of suicide bombers.

During three related operations today in Mosul, forces captured a wanted man believed to have conspired with terrorists killed in an operation earlier this month. Five additional suspects were detained during the operations.

Also near Mosul today, forces captured a wanted man allegedly associated with the city's al-Qaida foreign terrorist and weapons facilitation networks. Two other suspected terrorists were detained during the operation.

In other operations yesterday:

-- During a rescue operation to recover a 15-year-old kidnap victim in Kirkuk province, Iraqi police killed one of her abductors. Three gunmen kidnapped the teenager, whose father is a captain for the Ministry of Interior in Baghdad, in the early morning hours yesterday. An emergency special unit set up a checkpoint to intercept the kidnappers, and a firefight ensued. The unit rescued the victim, although one police officer was injured and the two other kidnappers escaped.

-- Multinational Division Baghdad soldiers arrested a suspected criminal in southern Baghdad’s Rashid district. Soldiers from the 4th Infantry Division’s Troop A, 7th Squadron, 10th Cavalry Regiment, 1st Brigade Combat Team, arrested the suspect in his home while conducting a cordon-and-search mission and transported him to a combat outpost for further processing.

-- An Iraqi citizen's tip led Multinational Division Baghdad soldiers to a weapons cache in the Baghdad area. Soldiers serving with the 10th Mountain Division’s Company C, 2nd Battalion, 30th Infantry Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team, found 12 bombs of various sizes designed to pierce armor-hulled vehicles, two machine guns with spare barrels, an AK-47 assault rifle and 200 armor-piercing rounds in an abandoned house in the Iraqi capital’s New Baghdad district.

-- Soldiers with Company B, 1st Battalion, 22nd Infantry Regiment, attached to 4th Brigade Combat Team, 10th Cavalry Regiment, seized a gas can with about 10 pounds of homemade explosive material in Baghdad’s Mansour area.

In operations Oct. 12:

-- While on a cordon-and-search mission, soldiers with the 4th Infantry Division’s Company C, 1st Battalion, 22nd Infantry Regiment, 1st Brigade Combat Team, seized two rocket-propelled grenades, two OG-7 fragmentation warheads, four fragmentation grenades, five RPG launchers and a 40 mm launcher in Baghdad’s West Rashid area.

-- Soldiers from the same unit arrested five suspects during targeted raids in southern Baghdad’s Rashid district. While searching the residences, the soldiers seized four RPGs, five RPG launchers, fragmentation propelled grenades and a 40 mm grenade launcher.

-- Iraqi National Police officers discovered a bottle filled with homemade explosives inside a cardboard box while on patrol in the Masafee community. An Iraqi army explosives ordnance disposal team retrieved the homemade bomb.

-- An Iraqi citizen's tip led Iraqi National Police to the seizure of an RPK light machine gun, two AK-47s, three grenade fuses and bodies, 2,000 rounds of 7.62 mm linked ammunition and two machine guns.

-- Soldiers from the 4th Infantry Division’s 3rd Brigade Combat Team seized five anti-personnel mines and two grenade fuses while on patrol in Adhamiyah.

-- Iraqi National Police confiscated 52 AK-47s, a sniper rifle, a 9 mm pistol, a revolver, a bolt-action rifle and a videotape with extremist propaganda during an operation in the New Baghdad district of Baghdad.

-- Based on a tip from a “Sons of Iraq” citizen security group member, 25th Infantry Division soldiers from Company C, 1st Battalion, 21st Infantry Regiment, 2nd Stryker Brigade Combat Team, working with Iraqi soldiers, seized a weapons cache west of Baghdad. The cache consisted of 25 pounds of propellant, two 125 mm rounds, five 82 mm mortar shells, two cans of 23 mm projectiles, 16 rocket fuses, about 1,000 rounds of 14.5 mm small-arms ammunition and four motorcycle batteries.

-- Soldiers from the 10th Mountain Division’s Troop A, 3rd Squadron, 89th Cavalry Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team, confiscated two AK-47s while conducting Operation Patriot Enforcement II in Rusafa.

-- An Iraqi citizen's tip led Iraqi soldiers to the seizure of two 120 mm rounds, two 105 mm rounds, a fragmentation grenade, 12 fuses, washing-machine timers and initiation devices in western Baghdad.

-- A citizen’s call to the Iraqi army's tip line led Iraqi soldiers to an RPG launcher on a roof in Kadhamiyah.

(Compiled from Multinational Force Iraq and Multinational Corps Iraq news releases.)

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