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Troops Will Learn Whether ‘The Price is Right’ on Special Episode

By Samantha L. Quigley
American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, Nov. 13, 2008 – Comedian and former Marine Drew Carey will welcome servicemembers to the stage of ”The Price is Right” during a prime-time airing of a special episode dedicated to the troops.

“I think that if they said it was a very special show, it’s because it’s very high-energy. The contestants were really great,” said Stan Blits, the show’s co-producer. “The military guys were just the best, and we had such a fun time taping it with them.

“They were all enthusiastic, and it was just really a great honor to have them there,” he added. “They ended up being just wonderful contestants, too.”

Everything about the show was just a little bit special, Blits said. The contestants and audience members were special, of course, but the prizes, which usually are pretty incredible, were even better, he said.

The Army and Air Force Exchange Service provided six $1,000 gift certificates for its online store and six 1,000-minute phone cards for contestants who made it on stage. Additionally, everyone in the audience received 10-percent discount coupons courtesy of AAFES.

“We don’t want to give anything away,” Blits said, hoping people will tune in to see the array of prizes offered on the program. “Of course, we always give away our usual great cars. There are some guys that do win some cars and trucks, so you will definitely see some great wins. One of the guys, when he won his car, he actually lifted one of our models up in the air out of the flatbed of a truck.”

This isn’t the first time “The Price is Right” has saluted the troops. On several occasions when Bob Barker was hosting the show, episodes were dedicated to specific branches of service. This show features Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps contestants.

The episode, taped Sept. 10, and originally slated to air on Veterans Day, will now air tomorrow.

“The network took a look at the special, and they actually liked it so much they thought it would do better in prime time,” Blits said. “Prime time space is limited, and they found an opening.”

The show will air on CBS at 9 p.m. EST tomorrow, and is slated to air on the Armed Forces Network in the future.

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