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Gates Video Message Asks Troops, Employees to Submit Ideas

American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, Aug. 12, 2010 – In a video message released today, Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates announces the Defense INVEST Program, launched to encourage servicemembers and department employees to submit their ideas on ways to cut overhead costs and promote

During an Aug. 9 briefing, Gates said he wants military personnel and civilians to think outside the box. He wants them to submit their ideas for saving resources, reducing the layers of the organizations and eliminating duplication and overhead.

“Within the department, we are launching an online contest for the purpose of soliciting and rewarding creative ideas to save money and use resources more effectively,” he said. “I would encourage all DoD employees to visit ‘www.defense.gov’ on the Web to learn more.”

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8/16/2010 7:36:34 AM
A significant amount of funding could be saved annually by eliminating the practice of forced spending of entire budgets and adjusting the mindset that having a funds balance at the end fo the year is bad. This causes offices to spend for the sake of spending on non mission critical assets. Instead, there should be incentives to save funds/be frugal with funds without risk of managers receiving a slap on the wrist if there is an end of year balance. The way we do business now is wasteful and impractical. There is no large investment to change this practice and mindset - so let's do it!
- Michelle, Falls Church, VA

8/12/2010 3:53:56 PM
Secretary Gates has missed a very valuable resource. He should invite recently retired military and civilian personnel to provide input. The would be the most frank in their recommendations and have recent experience could lead to great savings.
- Ken Sutton, San Antonio, Texas

8/12/2010 2:00:37 PM
I offer the following money saving ideas: - Eliminate AFRICOM. - For Navy: close all Navy bases in Europe and consolidate at the base in Rota, Spain. - For Army and Air Force: Keep existing bases in the UK. Remove all bases on the continent of Europe. Except AFB and hospital in Ramstein area. - For bases in Europe (including UK), eliminate Dependents. - If decision to keep bases in Europe; negotiate cost of base operations (or a portion thereof) so that host country pays for operation. - Option:: designate all bases where we decide to stay as NATO. Share costs with NATO. Same rule set to dependents applies. - Reduce the size of EUCOM staff by 50%. Focus support on NATO vice "enabling" former Soviet nations. - Option: Eliminate all US bases and negotiate via NATO use of partner nation bases for US use. V/R Reeves Taylor
- Reeves Taylor, EUCOM Stuttgart

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