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Family Matters Blog: Blogger Resolves to Support Troops, Families

By Elaine Wilson
American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, Dec. 30, 2010 – With the presents unwrapped and stockings bare, my thoughts have finally turned to the New Year and my resolutions for the year ahead.

I must admit I’m not a big fan of New Year’s resolutions. My past is littered with a series of unfulfilled vows made with the best of intentions, or in some cases, a burst of bubbly-induced idealism. The list is seemingly endless: lose weight, tone up, exercise more, work less, work more, take a class, and on and on.

But this year, rather than a laundry list of pledges doomed to fall by the wayside, I’m determined to hone in on one resolution I can actually keep.

My sole New Year’s resolution is to offer my support to our troops and their families. And unlike my past pledges, this isn’t a fleeting thought stumbled upon at the stroke of midnight, but a true desire to help that’s been brewing for some time.

My admiration for military members and their families has grown exponentially in recent years. As an American Forces Press Service writer and Family Matters blogger, I’ve talked with servicemembers struggling with the visible and invisible wounds of war, spouses juggling kids and multiple deployments, and couples dealing with the weighty issues of reintegration. They were from different places, branches of services and walks of life, but all had one thing in common: the need for our support.

To borrow a quote from First Lady Michelle Obama, a staunch supporter of military families, “a small percentage of Americans fight our wars, but we need 100 percent of Americans to support these brave men and women and their families back home.”

So, I plan to do my part, however small it is. I’ll be happy to help gather items for a care package, offer to babysit so a military spouse can gain a much-needed reprieve, or even just send a card to a deployed troop. The possibilities are endless.

While I’d still like to curb my sweet tooth and step up my exercise regimen, I’ll mark those goals on another New Year. This year will be my personal call to action on behalf of our servicemembers and their families, a year of gratitude for all that they sacrifice in service of this nation. Without them, after all, an extra five pounds would be the least of my worries.

To read more posts, visit the Family Matters website.

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