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Bin Laden Buried at Sea, Official Says

By Jim Garamone
American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, May 2, 2011 – Osama bin Laden received a Muslim ceremony as he was buried at sea, a senior defense official said here today.

The religious rites were performed aboard the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson in the North Arabian Sea, the official said, speaking on background, and occurred within 24 hours of the terrorist leader’s death.

“Preparations for at-sea [burial] began at 1:10 a.m. Eastern Standard Time and were completed at 2 a.m.,” the official said.

The burial followed traditional Muslim burial customs, the official said, and bin Laden’s body was washed and placed in a white sheet.

“The body was placed in a weighted bag. A military officer read prepared religious remarks, which were translated into Arabic by a native speaker,” the official added.

Afterward, Bin Laden’s body was placed onto a flat board, which was then elevated upward on one side and the body slid off into the sea.

The deceased terrorist was buried at sea because no country would accept bin Laden’s remains, a senior defense official said.

CIA and Defense Department officials are sure it was the body of bin Laden. CIA specialists compared photos of the body with known photos of bin Laden and said with 95-percent certainty it was the terrorist leader, a senior intelligence official said.

In addition, the intelligence official said, bin Laden’s wife identified the al-Qaida leader by name while the strike team was still in the compound.

CIA and other specialists in the intelligence community “performed the initial DNA analysis matching a virtually 100-percent DNA match of the body against the DNA of several of bin Laden’s family members,” the official added.


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5/2/2011 4:41:50 PM
Hard to believe this man is actually dead. I did a anti-terrorism class thru American Military University and asked my instructor is it possiable to find some way to track this person. Until his demise, he was doing all the right things to avoid capture. He made a mistake somewhere, which obviously cost him his life.
- Shawn McFadden, Virginia

5/2/2011 3:32:08 PM
ok i know how you guys think hes dead hes not ok my opinon is that obamas ratings are going down so they lied and said he was dead so obamas ratings go up also its kind of mysterious how they find out the dna results and why did they buried him at sea so no one could no if he was dead or alive also why would the most wanted person be in a masion right beside the capital of pakistan hes not the stupidest person anyone who can hide for 10 years and finally get caught knows what hes doing another posibility could be yes they found him dead but they didnt kill him maybe alqueads killed him so U.S. couldnt interrigate him theirs another posibility he was found dead from natural death and the united states was waiting for a point to use this to their advantage thanks for listening to my opinons
- daniel, canada

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