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Afghan Drawdown Not Precipitous, Obama Tells Soldiers

By Jim Garamone
American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, June 23, 2011 – President Barack Obama assured 10th Mountain Division soldiers today that the drawdown in Afghanistan is not precipitous, and that gains made there will be sustained.

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President Barack Obama speaks to about 150 soldiers during his first official visit to Fort Drum, N.Y., June 23, 2011. The president thanked the soldiers, among the first to deploy to Afghanistan following the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, one day after announcing a drawdown of troops from Afghanistan during a televised address to the nation. The soldiers are assigned to the 10th Mountain Division's 1st Brigade Combat Team. U.S. Army photo by Steve Ghiringhelli

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Obama announced last night that 10,000 service members will be withdrawn from Afghanistan by the end of the year, and the remaining 23,000 surge forces will be home by September 2012. He traveled to Fort Drum, N.Y., today to discuss his decision and thank the troops and their families.

“Because of your outstanding work, what we’ve been able to do is train an additional 100,000 Afghan soldiers so that they can start carrying on the fight,” the president told the soldiers. “Because of what you’ve done, areas like Kandahar are more secure than they have been in years. Because of you, we’re now taking the fight to the Taliban, instead of the Taliban bringing the fight to us.”

Because of that pressure on the Taliban, there are signs that members may be interested in participating in a political settlement, Obama said, which ultimately is going to be critical for consolidating that country.

“As I look around this room, I suspect that some of you joined the military after 9/11 because you had seen fellow Americans suffer at the hands of [Osama] bin Laden,” the president said. “When we got him, and as we keep on driving to get the rest of them, it’s because of the work and the sacrifice that you guys have made.”

The 10th Mountain Division has lost people throughout its many deployments. Obama said Americans should be aware of the sacrifices service members and their families have made in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“The reason that I know many of you continue to do the outstanding work that you do is not only love of country, but it’s also love for each other and your commitment to making sure that those sacrifices were not in vain,” he said. “So the main message I have for all of you here today is that the American people understand the sacrifices you’re making. They understand the sacrifices that your families are making. Our job is not finished.”

Even with the drawdown, Obama said, there still will be 68,000 U.S. troops in Afghanistan after September 2012. “Frankly, the 10th Mountain Division is still going to be represented there until we have fully transferred to the Afghan military and security forces,” he said. “But I hope that all of you can both take pride in what you’ve done over the past years, but also understand that there’s a future there that is brighter, not only for the Afghan people but most importantly, for American security.”

The president thanked the soldiers and their families for their dedication and sacrifices. “Nothing gives me more honor than serving as your commander in chief,” he said. “And to all of you who are potentially going to be redeployed, just know that your commander in chief has your back.”

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6/23/2011 8:01:44 PM
I served as R20450E in the Air Force when I was Young, and Believe our Troops are the Best and most dedicated in the world but at the same time I believe Bush and Obama has them tied to an Almost impossible position, Just as the Soviets were unable to succeed with these people (I believe they only cry wolf for assistance and as soon as we aren't looking will revert right back to their prior practices of terrorism and opium Production) I believe we have to demand an end to0 thedir terrorism activities, but I think It could be better achieved by Us Training their people-THEN affirmative expect them to carry out the ground duties, and be held accountable or learn what "rretribution", is.
- billy henley, oklahoma city

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