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Family Matters Blog: Fashion Guru to Share Style Tips

By Elaine Sanchez
American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, Oct. 24, 2011 – I was talking to a fashion-savvy colleague of mine the other day when the topic, as it so often does with us, turned to fashion.

As my ever-chic colleague informed me about this season’s “in” skirt lengths, I admired her perfectly put-together outfit — and subtly tried to hide my clunky work pumps under my desk.

Karen is that ever-elusive office style maven who, with seemingly little effort, manages to mix and match prints and patterns, silks and knits, to the envy of the rest of us who are still trying to figure out if our belt, shoes and purse are supposed to match.

Fortunately, she’s more than willing to share her tips with fashion-challenged people, such as myself. She also, as I recently learned, freely shares her passion for fashion with a very deserving group of people: troops who are leaving military service and entering the job market.

After a decade or two of camouflage and boots, Karen is happy to offer these service members some advice on building a budget-friendly and appropriate wardrobe for today’s workplace, courtesy of her home business called “Work It!”

I’m not surprised that this former soldier and current Defense Department civilian is offering fashion makeover and closet overhauls to transitioning troops — this strong sense of service is almost synonymous with the term “military families.” But I am impressed that she’s able to manage that while juggling a full-time job, two 12-year-olds and a retired Army husband who continues to serve as a DOD civilian.

Karen now has impressed me on an even grander scale.

She has offered to share her fashion know-how with Family Matters readers through a series of guest blogs. In the coming months, she’ll cover everything from appropriate interview and work attire to what to wear on a date or girls’ night out to finding the perfect-fitting pair of jeans on a budget.

Whatever the issue, Karen will be sure to help with her keen eye for fashion, radar sense for sales and her uncanny knack for finding the perfect fit for people of all shapes and sizes.

Her goal, she said, is to “make you look amazing at any price point.”

Not convinced? Check out Karen’s first Family Matters post: “Yes, Those Pants Make Your Butt Look Huge, But Why Listen to Me?”

And please submit your most perplexing fashion questions to Family Matters blog or email me at Elaine.sanchez@dma.mil. Karen either will answer the question via email or address the issue in an upcoming blog.

With the holidays and a host of parties approaching, I know I’ll have a few questions myself. Happy shopping!

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