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We understand the impact organizational changes have on our workforce, which is why the Department is committed to providing you with maximum assistance to either continue Federal careers or pursue other endeavors.

This page provides employees, managers, and supervisors general information on the variety of transition assistance programs offered by the Department and other Federal agencies. In addition, the page offers answers to common questions concerning assistance programs and benefits and links to websites that will offer you career transition assistance and employment opportunities.

Click here for instructions regarding who to contact for further information regarding these programs and whether they are applicable to you.

Job Placement Programs

Programs with proven results, such as the Priority Placement Program- which has placed over 250,000 employees in similar situations to date- will be utilized by your local HR professionals to assist you for a smooth transition. Browse the programs below to understand what programs may be used by your local Human Resources Office to assist you

Separation Incentives

A common way for the Department to mitigate the effects of downsizing actions comes through offering incentives, like Voluntary Early Retirement Authority (VERA), to encourage employees to separate early from Government. The Department has been extremely successful in its use of this program and others; all of which have proved instrumental in reducing the number of involuntarily separated employees during previous restructuring initiatives.

Benefits and Entitlements

The programs in this section are designed to provide a "soft landing" for employees as they pursue other career options when leaving Federal services. For example, financial assistance may be provided through severance pay when prematurely separated from Federal employment. Browse the programs below to understand what programs may be used by your local Human Resources Office to assist you.

  • Outplacement Assistance
    Local commands may offer outplacement assistance to help employees find positions outside of DoD. Employees facing involuntary separation may be entitled to severance pay once separation occurs and while seeking new employment.
  • Outplacement Subsidy
    DoD may offer an outplacement subsidy to encourage other federal agencies outside of the local commuting area to hire displaced DoD employees.
  • Voluntary Reduction in Force (VRIF)
    Voluntary Reduction in Force (VRIF) - Allows Department of Defense (DoD) employees who are unaffected by reduction in force (RIF) to volunteer for separation so that employees who would otherwise be separated by RIF may be retained. Some employees who may desire to leave the Federal Service, but who are not impacted by RIF, can take advantage of VRIF to become eligible for entitlements such as severance pay or continued health benefits coverage.
  • Severance Pay
    A cash payment to an employee who is involuntarily separated from Federal employment and who meets the eligibility. It is based on age, salary, and years of service.
    Frequently Asked Questions about Severance Pay.

Federal Employment Oportunities

  • USAJobs

    This Office of Personnel Management site contains Federal job announcements, application forms, a searchable database of available Federal Government jobs, a tool to build a resume online and other tips and tools for jobseekers.

Local Service Centers

  • One-Stop Career Centers

    One-Stop Career Centers are resources for job seekers and employers. They offer a wide array of employment, training, and education services. There are approximately 3,400 One-Stop Career Centers located throughout the United States. Center contact information can be found at the Web site or by calling the toll free phone number 1-877-US2-JOBS (TTY: 1-877-899-5627).

Other Resources

  • Civilian Assistance and Re-employment (CARE)
    The CPMS Civilian Assistance and Re-Employment (CARE) Division is responsible for implementing, maintaining, and ensuring the efficient and effective operation of the DoD Priority Placement Program (PPP), workforce restructuring and other DoD downsizing and transition assistance programs for civilian employees.
  • Defense Travel Management Office
    The DTMO consolidates, streamlines and centrally manages commercial travel, providing a single, focal point to the Department and industry. This "single face" ensures consistency in the Department's focus, policy and execution, marking a new era in government travel.
  • Defense Personal Property System supports Defense Personal Property Program
    As a centralized, integrated system, Defense Personal Property System (DPS) will support Defense Personal Property Program (DP3) as the one-stop source for managing personal property moves.
  • Military Installations
    Military Installations provides an overview of each military installation and state programs, including information on programs and services with contact information (telephone, fax, emails and website); articles of interest specific to the installation or state; photo galleries; and listings of major units.
  • Plan My Move
    Plan My Move is a personal moving calendar with checklists, phone lists, to do lists and links to critical moving processes and information. Find budget planners, housing applications, household goods customer satisfaction surveys and much more.


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The documents on this website are for general information purposes only. References to particular transition actions (Ex: Base Realignment and Closure - BRAC, Transfer of Function - TOF, Reduction in Force - RIF) do not in any way indicate that is the action being taken by your organization or that the action affects any particular individual. For specific information on the transition action being taken at your activity and its effects, if any, on you, please contact your local human resources office.

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