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We understand that concerns may exist regarding the implementation actions resulting from the Department’s General Officer and Flag Officer efficiency initiative. We are working with the military Components to ensure that any actions are implemented according to established regulations and conducted in a smooth and least disruptive manner as possible.

Additionally, we want to provide you the latest information possible. If you have questions regarding General or Flag Officer matters, please contact Col Jim Iacocca james.iacocca@js.pentagon.mil or Mr. Art Stovall arthur.j.stovall@js.pentagon.mil at 703.697.8922 in the Joint GO/FO Office.

The documents on this website are for general information purposes only. References to particular transition actions (Ex: Base Realignment and Closure - BRAC, Transfer of Function - TOF, Reduction in Force - RIF) do not in any way indicate that is the action being taken by your organization or that the action affects any particular individual. For specific information on the transition action being taken at your activity and its effects, if any, on you, please contact your local human resources office.

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