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Defense Programs
Cooperative Threat Reduction Defense Reform Initiative
Humanitarian Demining National Missile Defense
Proliferation: Threat & Response Quadrennial Defense Review
Emergency Assistance
Disaster Assistance Grand Forks, N.D., Flooding
Joint Task Force Katrina Liberia Evacuation
Search and Recovery Sierra Leone Evacuation
Super Typhoon Paka Damage
Air Mobility Command Rodeo 2000 Baltic Challenge '97
Baltic Challenge '98 Bright Star '98
Bright Star '99 Central Asian Battalion '97
CENTRAZBAT '98 Cobra Gold '96
Cobra Gold '97 Cobra Gold '98
Combined Joint Task Force '96 Cooperative Osprey '96
Cooperative Osprey '98 Crocodile '99
Desert Punch Eager Mace '98
Foal Eagle '98 Foal Eagle '99
Joint Task Force Exercise 981 Kernel Blitz '97
New Horizon Guyana Northern Edge 2000
Northern Edge 98 Peaceshield 2000
Rescue Eagle 2000 RIMPAC '96
Roving Sands '96 Roving Sands '97
Tandem Thrust '97 Tandem Thrust 2001
Unified Spirit '98 Urban Warrior
Military Services
Air Force (older than 2002) Army (older than 2002)
Coast Guard Marine Corps (older than 2002)
Navy (older than 2002)
Joint Task Force Rita Operation Allied Force
Operation Atlas Response Operation Desert Fox
Operation Desert Strike Operation Joint Guardian
Operation Northern Watch Operation Pacific Haven
Operation Silver Wake Operation Sustain Hope
Operation Valiant Return Southern Watch
Unified Assistance
Other Subjects
1996 Summer Olympics 2000 Olympic Games
2004 Olympic Games AntiTerrorist Strikes
Bosnia Clementine
Dhahran Explosion Khamisiyah Ammunition Storage Complex
Libya Mil. Photographer of Year Competition
P. R. of China Navy Visit to U.S. Persian Gulf Force Augmentation
Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff (older than 2002) Deputy Secretary of Defense (older than 2002)
Portraits (older than 2002) Secretary of Defense (1997)
Secretary of Defense (1998) Secretary of Defense (1999)
Secretary of Defense (2000) Secretary of Defense (2001)
Secretary of Defense (2002) Secretary of Defense (2003)

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