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DoD photo by Sid McFadden, U.S. Army. A Berm Processing Assembly has been recently developed by the Army's Communications and Electronics Command Night Vision and Electronic Sensors Directorate, Fort Belvoir, Va., and is now being deployed to Namibia. The Berm Processing Assembly gives significant capability to eliminate mine-infested berms which are large mounds of soil created by plows as they clear paths through minefields. This device mechanically scoops up dirt, shakes out the mines from the dirt, and leaves the mines exposed on the ground for de-miners to safely destroy them. This is a part of the United States' continuing humanitarian de-mining program designed to assist host countries in relieving human suffering by developing an indigenous demining capability. The DoD has significantly expanded its support to the government's humanitarian de-mining program by developing new mine-detection and clearing technology and sharing this technology with the international community.   DoD photo by Sid McFadden, U.S. Army.

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