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Hagel Meets With Chinese State Councilor in BeijingHagel Tours Noncommissioned Officer Academy in BeijingHagel Eats Lunch With Chinese Officers, Students at Beijing AcademyHagel Meets With Chinese President at Great Hall, BeijingHagel Attends Honors Ceremony in Beijing
Hagel Meets With Chinese Defense Leader in BeijingFox Welcomes Spanish Defense Leader at PentagonArmy Leaders Testify Before Senate Armed Services CommitteeHagel Travels to Qingdao, China, Visits AircraftFox Delivers Remarks at War Colleges
Hagel Reviews Japanese Troops During Arrival CeremonyHagel Lays Wreath at Japanese Defense MinistryHagel Meets With Japanese Defense MinisterSecretary Poses for Official Photo With Japanese Defense MinisterSecretary Meets With Japanese Foreign Minister
Hagel, Onodera Host Joint Press Conference in TokyoHagel Speaks to U.S., Japanese Troops on Yakota Air Base, JapanHagel Talks to U.S., Japanese Troops on Yakota Air Base, JapanHagel Arrives in Tokyo to Meet With Japanese LeadersHagel Meets With Japanese Prime Minister in Japan
Hagel, Japanese Prime Minister Share Greeting in JapanHagel Briefs Reporters While Traveling to JapanHagel Briefs Reports on Flight to JapanWinnefeld, Wormuth Testify on Quadrennial Defense Review Before HouseMcHugh, Odierno Brief Senators on Fort Hood Shooting