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Secretary Rumsfeld and Minister of Defense Gen. Ephraim inspect troops during a welcoming ceremony.Secretary Rumsfeld listens to President Afwerki respond to a reporter's question.President Afwerki bids farewell to Secretary Rumsfeld as he departs.Secretary Rumsfeld and Prime Minister Zenawe conduct a joint media availability.Secretary Rumsfeld escorts Israeli Minister of Defense Mofaz into the Pentagon.
Israeli Minister of Defense Mofaz meets with Secretary Rumsfeld.Secretary Rumsfeld escorts Japanese Minister of State for Defense Ishiba into the Pentagon.Japanese Minister of State for Defense Ishiba meets with Secretary Rumsfeld.Under Secretary of Defense for Policy Feith holds a press conference at the Pentagon.Secretary Rumsfeld and Minister Grizold greet troops of the Slovenian Army.
Secretary Rumsfeld talks with Capt. Bostjani Pas of the Slovenian Army.Secretary Rumsfeld talks with Slovenian Defense Minister Anton Grizold.Secretary Rumsfeld greets one of the officers on temporary duty at the National Command Center Stara Boleslav.Slovakian Minister of Defense Simko escorts Secretary Rumsfeld as he inspects the honor guard.Secretary Rumsfeld meets with President of the Slovak Republic Rudolf Schuster.
Secretary Rumsfeld and South Korean Minister of National Defense Lee Jun sign documents.Secretary Rumsfeld and South Korean Minister of National Defense Lee Jun conduct a joint press conference.Secretary Rumsfeld escorts Spanish Minister of Defense Federico Trillo into the Pentagon.Secretary Rumsfeld and Spanish Minister of Defense Trillo sign documents formalizing cooperation programs.Secretary Rumsfeld escorts President Bush through an honor cordon as he leaves the Pentagon.
President Bush shakes hands with Marine Sgt. Robert J. Wenier as he leaves the Pentagon auditorium.Secretary Rumsfeld introduces President George W. Bush at the Pentagon.President Bush addresses military and DoD civilian personnel at the Pentagon.President George W. Bush signs the Department of Defense Authorization Bill.Assistant Secretary of Defense for Reserve Affairs Thomas F. Hall holds a media roundtable in the Pentagon.

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